29 March 2012

Visiting a garden centre

First visit of the year to the local garden centre and I remembered to take my camera. On the way in I saw this tree and casually took a picture. Isn't wood interesting?
This is the same tree but further up. I thought this looked like an animal's face, an animal with it's mouth wide open ready to strike.
Inside, the display area in the shop

including red,white and blue goods for Jubilee Year
Then there were plants to buy

and some viewing balls, although I couldn't see much of a view when I looked at one. They are supposed to catch reflections but I couldn't see a clear one. I guess this lot were more for decoration than viewing.
Shots of the gardens

Love these wobbly birds. Unfortunately I couldn't get a front shot - someone forgot to open the gate.
Fancy an elephant for the garden?
This is was an accidental shot!
More gardens

Ready made forest!
And a couple of shots of the bird house, sorry about the quality


  1. I love garden centres but I always spend too much. LOL

  2. I could spend all day wandering around a good garden centre. I am like a child in a sweet shop!

  3. Beautiful. Spring a wonderful time of year, especially when we get a little sunshine.

    "I thought this looked like an animal's face, an animal with it's mouth wide open ready to strike."

    I agree Val. Superimposed on a picture of a loch, it would easily pass as a picture of Nessie.

  4. Me too, Pearl. I am totally inmcapable of resisting some of the plants.

    Cheshire Wife, that's a good description and very apt.

    Mister V. Of course, Nessie! Thank you. I couldn't think of the monster's name at the time, yet I thought I'd seen a likeness somewhere. And no, it wasn't in a

  5. WOW, Valerie! Every single one of these photos are STUNNING!

    You brilliantly capture the beautiful colors of Spring! Lovely garden shop!

    Yes, I too love the wood of trees because it seem to contain a deep history of the life of the tree.

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady. Enjoyed!

    Happy weekend.....X

  6. Hi Ron, it is so good to see spring flowers I just had to go and view them at the garden centre. It was faster than a trip to the country.

  7. What a great garden center. I too love to take photos of trees. I find them fascinating, all the different patterns of bark and how they grow into such interesting shapes. Wonderful post Valerie.

  8. I made a comment about how the tree branch had been badly cut, and at a garden centre too! But the comment didn't get this far last time. Never mind, it was a rubbish comment anyway.
    Now to see if it works this time.

  9. Hooray! Why do blogger do that?

  10. Thank you for the tour of the garden centre, which was most interesting. I love going to visit them and am very familiar with all the ones near me. However, it's nice to go somewhere different and there is always so much to see.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  11. I love to wander round garden centres but I cannot understand why they all sell so much frou-frou stuff these days. Kitchen spatulas, gingham hearts and cushions and gourmet foods .. It's quite bizarre, though I suppose it grew from the barbecue sales somehow.

    Love the pictures - and now I want to see the fronts of the wobbly birds!

  12. Lovely! We had 70 above today, so maybe spring is thinking about arriving. There were Wild Turkeys in town yesterday, so maybe that's a good sign! I posted some photos of them.

  13. So much to choose from. Thanks for the tour. I'm looking forward to visiting one soon too!


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