21 March 2012

To brighten the day...

Indoor plants are great especially when the weather is inclement. Every year my Clivia brings me great joy, the flowers are so bright and cheerful it spurs me on to go outside and see if the garden is doing as well. This year the Clivia is even more welcome because the Amaryllis that was given to me at Christmas failed to flower. Oh it has perfect leaves, but no flowers. Every year my neighbour buys me an Amaryllis plant and every year I delight in the flowers ... but not this year. I haven't told my neighbour yet, not even sure if I should.

The first picture shows my little mouse who views the laundry room from his spot in the pot. Actually he was put there to support the plant when it wanted to topple over but his role has changed to that of an idle mouse who just likes to be seen and not forgotten.

Here it is, the first shot of the Clivia. There are still flowers to open but I thought I'd cheer myself up with a few early pictures.
The cool and dry environment is particularly suitable for the plants since there's plenty of light. It also seems to like being next to the little fridge that is kept outside.
A couple of close-ups showing the gorgeously rich colour.


  1. Love the flower photos! Enjoyed reading your post!

  2. wow those are some beautiful flowers....ha and the cute little mouse....

  3. That's a beautiful plant! My Amaryllis is ready to flower, sorr to hear your's hasn't.

  4. When I try close ups they always turn out blurry. Lovely post Valerie.

  5. Wow, what a beautiful and exotic looking plant. I have seen them but never known what they were called.

  6. Valerie, what a beeeeautiful Clivia! You captured the color and clarity brilliantly!

    Not only are you talented with words, but also a green thumb!

    LOVE the mouse!

    Have a glorious day, dear lady!


  7. Paul, glad you liked the flowers.

    Brian, I like the mouse. He deserved a better place but he seems to like it there... smiles.

    Pearl, there is no sign of a bud on my amaryllis. Never known that before.

    John, mine often turn blurry - this time I tried using macro and it seemed to work.

    Jenny, they are exotic. They flower every year and I love them.

    Ron, thank you. My thumb isn't quite so green lately. The best policy with plants is to ignore them.

  8. Beautiful is right! We don't have spring quite yet, but I did see some tulips poking through in my front flowerbed. Love your flowers.

  9. Woohoo! Nice lookin' flowers! Me and my black thumb couldn't possibly keep these things alive for any great length of time...

  10. Our daffodils have come and gone, the forsythia is now in bloom and has a much longer spring life with its yellow leaves/blossams, it will turn green for the summer then barren. I didn't know it was there, all winter, I thought it was just an old annual.

  11. That's such a pretty orange color! The mouse is a cutie!

    The Amaryllis reminds me of my Dad. He loved to watch that grow near Christmas time. Every once in awhile he'd have a bulb that didn't flower. After the season, he would let the leaves dry out and then put the bulbs in the garage and bring them out in the late fall to bloom again for the next Christmas.

  12. Beautiful!!
    I haven't done all that well with anything that flowers for quite some time. Lucikly, we have some trees and bushes in our yard (and ivy running down the fences) or it would look quite barren out there.
    Maybe I'll try again this year with a hanging basket or two?

  13. Beautiful, Val.


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