30 March 2012

Saturday lunch

There's a big change in the weather today. Gone is the mini heatwave and in it's place a cool and gloomy day. Never mind, I still have plenty of ultra creamy Greek style yoghurt in my fridge. I was very greedy yesterday, I scooped out a whole carton of it.
Greedy or what?
Let's hope today's lunch with a WI friend cheers me up. The restaurant is by a lake but unless we get a table by the window, like the following shot, I won't be taking any pictures. Wishing everyone a happy weekend.


  1. a happy weekend to you as well...and i hope you get that window seat....smiles....

  2. Well, it's only a little carton. Have a good time, Val.

  3. Yup...the weather here today is pretty much the same. It's been sunny and warm for the past two weeks, however today it's cold and rainy.

    I LOVE Greek yogurt. It's my FAV!

    Have a great time at your lunch today, dear lady!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  4. It was tuff luck. Brian, I didn't get a window seat. The place was crowded with early eaters.

    Oooh Mister V, the picture is deceptive.... it was a big carton, could've served six out of it...heeheehee.

    Mine too, Ron, I totally adore the creaminess of GREEK yoghurt. One spoonful and I think I've gone to heaven.

  5. The low temperature and grey skies are a big shock to the system after such a beautiful week aren't they? :(

  6. You're right there, Pearl. I couldn't believe how cold it was after the rain.

  7. I haven't tasted yogurt. Isn't it just sour milk? Had enough of that when I was a kid. Yuk! I'm glad you enjoyed though.

  8. love Greek yogurt..
    hope your weekend was perfect....
    good friends , good food...
    what else is there ???

  9. I hope you had a fabulous time.


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