04 June 2014

Bucket List

What is a bucket list? I asked and learned that it was simply a list of things I want to do. Some people have a list a mile long and I wonder how they feel if all their dreams are not realised. I must live an adequate life because I don’t seem to yearn for much. I did once have three desires: watching tennis at Wimbledon, getting a job in advertising, and listening to the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall. Not one wish was fulfilled, although I did visit the Albert Hall on other occasions. As a teenager I sang there in a choir and later in life visited several times with the WI, singing Jerusalem with hundreds of WI members. Now that WAS a wonderful experience that I’m glad I didn’t miss.

Perhaps I’m not ambitious enough to have a bucket list or could it be that I am satisfied with my lot and don’t crave for other things? Does that make me dull and uninteresting or even characterless? I do tend to ‘take it as it comes’, seizing opportunities as and when presented, but I cannot recall a time when I absolutely yearned for something to happen. Don’t you think that’s a waste of valuable time? Mind you, I wouldn’t mind wishing for some kind of power... a magic wand, for instance, one that could control or cure at a single wave.

Do you have a bucket list, if so would you like to share it?


  1. Excellent post topic, Valerie!

    I've always thought that the term "Bucket List" sounded so final, like, "Here's a list of things I want to do before I die." If anything, I think it should be called a "Life List" of things I want to do while I'm alive. But honestly, I've never made a Bucket List.

    Like you, I tend to 'take it as it comes', seizing the opportunities as and when presented. Yes, I have certain things I would like to do, such as, travel to certain places. However, if it never happens I won't be disappointed.

    I've realized that sometimes what I want is not necessarily what I'm always going to get. I've also realized that I will often get something I never even thought of, such as, traveling to Japan. Now that experience was truly amazing, but it wasn't something I had ever 'wanted' to do.

    So, I guess I live with the attitude that if I get to do something I wish, fine. But if it doesn't happen, I know that unexpected things WILL happen.

    "As a teenager I sang there in a choir and later in life visited several times with the WI, singing Jerusalem with hundreds of WI members. Now that WAS a wonderful experience that I’m glad I didn’t miss."

    WOW...that's awesome!!!

    Have a great day, dear lady!

    X to you and Joe!

  2. ha. i would like to go to europe, to africa....mine is mostly places to see and experience...i will go to africa later this year...

  3. Ron, how right you are. It seems a bit macabre to want so much to do things before I die.... almost like hurrying the event along, if you get my meaning. I rather like your interpretation of the 'game'. Thanks for your response to this rather strange question.

  4. Brian, how fabulous. Africa is one place I've never been to... amongst others, of course. I think your desire to travel is much better than sky diving or some other manic obsession.... smiles.

  5. My bucket list has two items...
    places I want to visit and probably will
    never see.. but something to strive for
    when and if I can ever retire.

    Hope all is well.....
    the short vacation was perfect.!

  6. I have said things that I would like to do as being on my 'bucket' list. And have even a post or two of things on my list. However, I am like you...I look for things to do and take them as they come.

  7. I don't have a bucket list, Valerie. I am really happy to take whatever opportunities come up, like you - so I completely agree with you on this!

  8. I've never really had a bucket list, but one thing I'd like to do is go to the Sandhill Crane Migration when they hit the Platte River. I've seen it on TV, but would love to see it in person.

  9. I always felt that wish lists always makes one unhappy when it is not I do not want myself to see unhappy and thus want to take things the way it comes..and when things comes out in a positive way its a bonus..

  10. I would like to listen to one of Bach's keyboard pieces at the Proms one day. As in live, being there. I watch some of it on telly. That must have been quite an experience, being there with the choir. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  11. I need to sit down and write mine down one day. Maybe I would get more of them done.

  12. Dan, you probably get things done without a list.

    CiL, The Royal Albert Hall is well worth a visit... it's a wonderful place.


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