17 July 2014

Taking a Cab

Because of the difficulty with parking in the hospital car park I tried using taxis to and from the hospital. However, after three days I gave up and drove there in my own car. It is fine for the odd visit but using a cab more than once is very expensive. It was an eye opener though. £12 for one person from home to hospital, and £12 on the return journey, which made £24 per day. Admittedly there was no parking fee but I still considered it to be on the high side. So I went back to driving there in my own car. I couldn’t have used much fuel (diesel driving being quite economical) and the charge for parking was just under £5. I have worked out the best place to park as well…. right at the back, yet nearer to the actual hospital building, there are always a few spaces.

One thing I noticed whilst taking the cab was that all drivers are foreign,
Asian mostly. Quite a few had to rely on satnavs to get to my destination, which I found quite irritating. Who wants to listen to someone telling you which road you’re on, or when to turn right or left whilst reposing in the comfort of a taxi cab. To be fare though, I can understand the satnav whereas I often couldn’t decipher the driver’s pigeon English.

All the cabs had what appeared to be mobile phones on the dashboard. Of course they were not phones as such, just a way of recording fares etc, and which needed constant attention whilst driving. I saw one man happily pressing buttons with one hand while the other hand was operating the steering wheel. Dangerous or what? We have laws here that ban the use of phones in cars … not that many take any notice … but there doesn’t seem to be a law about taxi drivers feeding information into their gadgets whilst driving.

I was quite happy to get back to driving my own car. Lesson learned… only use a cab in an emergency.

I have a several days break from hospital visits. Joe is home until the end of the month when a ‘procedure’ will take place. At this stage we’re not sure what the consultant intends to do but I guess we’ll soon find out. I still think he deserves a medal especially after the last rather testing experience. 


  1. we will be in NYC next week and my boys will get their first experience in a is def ours there is a satnav in the back so you can see that the cabbie is taking the quickest route...there is also a little tv...i guess to keep your mind off the driving...and from having to talk to the

    hope joe enjoys the bit of a break...oy i can only imagine...

  2. I don't use cabs for that reason. Although here the cabs are driven by locals.

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  3. "only use a cab in an emergency."

    Amen, Valerie, I feel the same way. First, they are WAY expensive. Second, unless I have to go an exceptionally long distance, I can usually walk faster than taking a cab because of all the stop-start city traffic. I feel the same way about taking the buses.

    The last time I was in NYC, I took a cab because I had to get to my bus stop in a hurry to catch it. ended up costing me $20.00!

    " I still think he deserves a medal especially after the last rather testing experience."

    He sure does. So glad to hear you and he will be getting a break. You both deserve it.

    X to you both!

  4. I hope all goes well with Joe. Sounds like you're better off driving yourself!!

  5. Hi Ron. We won't have much of a break, in just over a week we start again. I'm doing a lot of relaxation exercises lately.

  6. Brian, satnav in the back is amazing... it would get on my nerves 100%

  7. The few times I have taken a cab, has been in San Francisco, when I traveled there on business. I have always found cab rides to be on the maniacal side and would not take one without it being absolutely necessary. The only exception would be the 2 taxi rides I made in London. Both were a delight.

  8. I have heard some hospitals have volunteers who drive patients and visitors back and forth to the hospital. I suspect this would get expensive too and would take a gigantic effort to get something like that organized. Thanks for the update Valerie. You and Joe are always in my thoughts.

  9. Interesting. I've never been in a cab in my life. Living way out in the country does that but perhaps the day with come when it will be necessary....

  10. I feel bad that I haven't visited sooner. Sorry about all the hospital visits. Hope Joe stays pain-free for a long time and enjoys his time at time. I also hope there are no emergencies that require the use of a cab. Take care Val and sending good thoughts to you and Joe.

  11. Here in my city it is not only expensive but also the cab drivers are rude and can never find them when you are in need or they would simply deny taking you..which on time of emergency simply challenge my patience..I am also thinking of writing a similar experience about cabs or rather say the cab drivers..wish both of you with health and happiness..

  12. My only time using a cab was in the Philippines. You can go a lot of places for just a few dollars.

    I hope things go good for Joe.

  13. I'm gonna hope this temporary break gives the both of you a bit of time to rest up for the next wave. *sigh* I'm pretty sure none of this has been fun....for either of you. But boy--it's good that you've had each other, ya know?
    *sending hugs and prayers*


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