22 January 2017


Since the death of my dear Joe, exactly a year ago, I have taken time sorting out papers and books, even my own. The other day I ransacked one of my drawers that had been home to all sorts of papers I wanted to keep. Keepsakes, those things that remind us of happy times, souvenirs of days long gone.

I found an old wallet that was home to old passports and long forgotten papers that needed to be looked at again if only to see what they were. That's how I found a very precious letter, one that I loved then and now. Even though it made me sad I felt the same joy I experience on the first reading. Sigh!

It isn’t something I would normally publish but it is such a powerful letter that I felt I wanted to share. To show off, if you like, a bit like bragging. And why not, it’s not every day I don the cloak of happiness and contentment and recall all those happy years with Joe.

I took a photograph of it but Joe’s writing was not the easiest to read at the best of times so I took the decision to type it out.

The letter was written when Joe was working away. He was a chartered accountant so had to travel great distances to see and work with various clients.

Here goes:

The date on the letter was 1 August l978. It was the year we married – two days before a very snowy Christmas.


“Darling Valerie,

I feel good having somebody I love and cherish to write to. Yes, life is pretty good really and knowing ‘somebody loves you’ provides hope and faith in being.

Thank you for understanding my ‘ups and downs’. I do feel for you, my beloved Valerie, you are my life both present and future. It is no game of pretence, both our lives are too important to be abused by temporary blindness, lasting love and caring is my goal, you are too precious to me for any other persuasion.

Please remember that I love you and look forward to a real future with you at my side, never feel that I will desert your love, I hope you know me better than that, because I will strive to make our future a happy one.

Putting it simply, I love you.

Yours in devotion
Joe xx"


  1. What a wonderful letter, something to hold onto forever.

  2. Valerie my dear friend, I cannot thank you enough for sharing Joe's sweet and touching letter to you. was so beautiful; filled with so much tenderness, care and love that you could actually FEEL it in his every word. It brought tears to my eyes.

    "Even though it made me sad I felt the same joy I experience on the first reading."

    Isn't that something about recalling a memory or reading something by a loved one who has passed? It's so bitter sweet. I had something similar happen to me this past Christmas, recalling memories of my late mother.

    Again, thanks so much for sharing this beautiful tribute of the love you shared with Joe.

    (((((((((((((((( YOU )))))))))))))))))


  3. What a very sweet letter! You are so fortunate to have had such a loving guy. It must fill your heart with his love in his absence. Hugs!

  4. Oh Valerie, what a beautiful letter. One to treasure forever.

    Bitterweet I am sure, to feel the sadness of his passing, and at the same time feeling the love that he felt for you.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful Valerie....I have a packet of letters from Mr BC packed away somewhere, maybe I will find them when I need them....just as you did.

  6. Mac n'Janet, every time I read it emotional tears come into the eyes but I will certainly never throw it away.

  7. Good morning, Ron. I was in two minds about publishing it but the response has been positive so now I am pleased I did. We can never forget those we have lost and isn't it marvellous that a mere letter or whatever can produce such emotion? It ways something about ourselves, don't you think?

  8. SJQ, you are so right. It certainly does fill the heart.

  9. Carol, when I read the letter it seems as if Joe is here with me. I wish it were so but I have learned not to dwell on that.

  10. Katie, if I were you I would wait a while before searching for Mr BCs letters. That's when you need them most.

  11. What a lovely letter. How wonderful to have had that love for all those years.

  12. Very touching and a great gift to find near the anniversary of his passing.

  13. Such a treasure Val. Love lives on in Joe's beautiful words. Hugs to you. G

  14. Geraldine, you are so right. My Joe was a great romantic. I was a very happy wife.

  15. A sweet and loving husband Valerie. A true blessing. His blessing was you and in return he was yours. Thank you for sharing sharing this.

  16. Beautiful, Val. Even though I never got to meet Joe in person, I certainly feel like I did know him through your blog and this letter only reinforces how wonderful he was. Thanks for sharing.


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