09 March 2020

Current Grouse!

Once upon a time, something like two/three years ago, I had a problem that I couldn’t solve. It occurred when I tried to enter a password that Apple didn’t approve of. It had all to do with passwords. Have you ever mislaid a password? I hope you haven’t because all hell lets loose when that happens. I guess, like me, you will have recorded all passwords. The thing is…. I didn’t record enough information about how, when, or where a password came into being. I could write a book on the subject. Did you know I write stories haha.

The theory was that because I once had an account with Yahoo I should use a password used on that long forgotten account.  Can you remember passwords, even those recorded in your little red book? I have loads in my red book but there’s not enough information to go with each one.

Frustrated tears couldn’t save my frustration, although to be fair Google did it’s best to get me out of a real fix. I can’t remember why it was required but required it was. Threats loomed which didn’t help the situation. Memory failure was at full blast and so was Apple. There was nothing for it but to keep well away from the computer. Somehow, though, I plucked up the courage to face the threats…. and threats they were… but Google was there to help push my brain into remembering that I was once with Yahoo and so a password must have been used. It sounded a bit queer to me, so unfamiliar. I guess Google made it up…. well, I’d like to think that was what happened.

And now it happens again. Just because I bought a new phone and Apple was once again involved in another unknown password saga. It’s back to the Yahoo drawing board…. !!

‘Why they can’t accept who I am’ is my main thought. I could produce my birth certificate but I guess travelling from blogland to my house is out of the question. However, deviate to getting in touch by using the phone or laptop and all hell is let loose.

It took me a while to sort out in my mind the reason for it all. I can go on line using the computer and nothing will happen, the road is clear if you know what I mean, but going on line by using a phone leaves us wide open to unknown nasties.

So there you have it, or rather I have it, and quite honestly I am sick of it all. I can use my phone and laptop… I don’t need anyone’s permission, certainly not Apple. However, that stupid thought doesn't change anything. I'm stuck with it.


  1. Valerie, all I can do is extend my sympathy and assure you that I feel your pain. Passwords are a necessary evil and a curse. I have dozens and dozens of them, which I often can't remember and frequently forget. I wrote most of them down in a little notebook, but even that isn't much help.

    We are all trapped in this Netherworld of password insanity. Take it easy - and don't give up!

    1. Jon. It is good to know I am not alone in this ridiculous practice. I think notebooks are essential for some things but not passwords!!!!! I tend to blame my common sense but that cannot be so if everyone has the same experience.

  2. THey are very frustrating. Most if forgotten can have a temporary sent to your email, but I have so many different passwords all variations of a basic theme it is ridiculous.

    1. I didn't know that, Joe, but I agree that it is most frustrating. I think if they started coming by email I would be even more

  3. Valerie, passwords are the the bane of my existence. And what's most frustrating is that EVERYTHING needs a password to function. One time at a previous job, we all had to have passwords to ring the cash registers that had to be changed every single month. That's right...EVERY SINGLE MONTH we had to change them. Grrrrrrrrr#@$!^!$!

    I have a book with all my one million passwords, which I refer to all the time because I can't remember them. Some websites and apps allow you to save your passwords so that you don't have to type them in each time. However, even those don't always work smoothly.

    And funny you mentioned YAHOO because I still have a yahoo account with Flickr (a website that hosts photographs) which requires that I login every time I need to upload a new photograph to my photo stream..

    Personally, I think we should all only have to choose ONE password that works for EVERYTHING.

    Have a superb week, my friend!

  4. I can understand your frustration, Valerie, as the challenge of creating new passwords is hard. Thankfully, there is a password manager on my Mac desktop which remembers the passwords for me and so I can just pop them in. Also I can check them by entering an Apple password, which thankfully I haven't forgotten (yet).

  5. It is so terrible these days with all that is required for passwords. Most want one capital letter at least, one symbol, one number and everything must equal at least 8-16 characters. Its hard to keep track of it all! So frustrating indeed!


  6. Wasn't there a "forgotten?" link where you can click because you've forgotten it and theyemail you a link to reset a new password?
    I once went to a website where you can enter your most commonly used password and they tell you how fast a hacker can hack it. my most used password at that time could be hacked into in 38 seconds, so I chose a stronger one and they said it would take 23,000 years to hack, or some outrageous similar length of time, so now I use that one instead.

  7. I see 'Jon' has dozens of passwords and wonder why so many. You can use the same password for several different areas. I have only two passwords.

  8. Well, I must say this post prompted some interesting replies. I thank you all for your comments.


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