08 June 2011

Britain’s Got Talent.

This year I watched Britain’s Got Talent for the first time. I thought the idea was to help new talent take the stage so it was a great surprise to see one contestant who was well known to me, Jean Martyn. As well as hearing her on radio I engaged her as the main feature for shows at the WI. At the time of booking I was told she was internationally famous and the substantial fee bore that out.

Jean is just as lively off stage as on and she plays the organ brilliantly. In the BGT show she got as far as the final but her talent wasn’t quite what viewers were looking for. The winner was Jai McDowell who had the most incredible voice. I really wanted him to win. Unfortunately I couldn't find a video that allowed embedding, so here's a link to Jai's winning performance.
The highlight for me though was the guest appearance of the American girl, Jackie Evancho.


  1. I only saw the one where Simon Cowell looked as if he'd been punched in the eye. I think it was a couple of week's ago. I enjoyed the videos you posted. I agree, the American girl has a delightful voice.
    Surely if someone has already made it, they shouldn't be on a talent show? or have I got it wrong?

  2. I didn't see any of this year's BGT but I do think it's strange that somebody who's internationally renowned should have been on it. I watched the video you posted and to be honest, she didn't really impress me. Good yes, but not outstanding.

  3. nice..thanks for posting this...there are surely some talented people out there...

  4. I LOVE JEAN!!!!

    Not only is she talented, but also someone I would enjoy hanging out with because she looks like she'd be a blast at a party.

    What a delight!

    And Jackie has the voice of an angel! I love that song from Phantom!

    Thank you for sharing both these clips, Valerie. Enjoyed!

    Have a great day, dear lady!


  5. My television has been broken for weeks. Wonderful!

  6. Wonderful blog. Thanks a lot for telling me about it. I have never seen Britain's Talent and its really good to read and watch the video. Enjoyed your post very much.


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