02 June 2011

Oz Shots

Pictures taken at a camp in Australiaa camp must be the same as our wildlife parks

she looks relaxed

and so do they

Not so sure about this one, he's got a sneaky look about him

but he's kind of cute

I'd never measure up to a giraffe

but the rhinos look reasonably docile when lying down

this little sweetie ignores whilst gnawing

now he's just being nosey


  1. Some lovely photos there, Valerie. I'm not sure I'd like to actually camp there, though.

  2. absolutely wonderful shots.!!
    I'm jealous.. what a great assortment
    of wildlife.

    For most I would say stay cool...
    but since you seem to be having arctic weather, perhaps I should
    say stay warm !!

    Have a happy weekend !

  3. oh wow val these are great shots! i would so go...i esp like the rhino but the great cats are majestic...

  4. Beautiful animal shots Valerie. I would love to go to Australia one day.

  5. OMG, Valerie....I wents NUTS over these photos!!!!!


    Just to let you know, I clicked on each one because I wanted to see these beautiful creatures up close!

    I'm a HUGE cat lover, so the cats really touched me. The one of the giraffe's was amazing! They have the sweetest faces, don't they?

    Thank you soooo much for sharing these, dear lady.


    Happy weekend......X

  6. Boy those rhinos look dangerous!

  7. Australia is on my bucket list, great pictures my friend...:-)Hugs

  8. Cool pics. I have always wanted to make my way down to the land of Oz. The wife and I were planning to make the trip before we had Kyle but my mom passed so we postponed it. I think maybe when the kids are gone from the house we will make the journey.


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