13 June 2011

Missing, one button

Well, the rain has arrived. Of course I knew it was on the way by the way the shoulders and back were playing up. Hubs always said I’m a walking barometer and he’s right. Don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s all an old wives tale ... I can forecast rain days in advance. Mind you, it’s been nice having so much good weather and no aches and pains so I mustn’t complain. And we do need rain, or rather the gardens do, and the farmers, and industry in general. It’s a shame that tennis tournaments always suffer though. Rain stopped play at Queens in London, the final had to be postponed. And Wimbledon is almost upon us ... I’ll scream if I miss that!

During the morning Hubs lost a button from his trousers. Not a vital one, just a back pocket. He’d put on a pair of oldies for when he went out in the rain. So he says to me, where’s the button box? I showed him. He was astonished by the amount of odd buttons all neatly packed in appropriate size and colour range, along with little plastic bags and tiny envelopes containing replacement buttons for outfits old and new. Just to be awkward he needed a grey button, which I didn’t have. Of all the colours under the sun he had to lose one from grey trousers. In the end he made do with a bit of black thread.

So then he asked if I’d sew on the button. Sorry, I say, my fingers are not up to it. Okay, he says, I’ll do it, and proceeds to drop his trousers. Where’s the needle and thread, then? Honestly, you’d think he lived up the road instead of in the same house. He knows nothing about what’s kept where. I reckon he goes around with his eyes shut.

So I opened the drawer where repair materials are kept, pulled out a reel of cotton and a pincushion full of needles. He selects one, and drops it, so we had to hunt around to find it. The needle had actually rolled along the work counter. Here’s where it gets funny.

I tried to pick it up … but the fingers suddenly can’t do it. Or is it the brain that’s the problem? I messed around for ages trying to get to grips with an exceptionally thin needle. And couldn’t. I tried licking the end of my finger and dabbing at it, hoping moisture would lift the damn thing from the counter. It wouldn’t. So hubs had a go. Would you believe, even he couldn’t pick it up. Even a few swear words didn’t help.
He tried all ways, even stooped so he could get an eye to eye view (pun intended). From where I stood the view was ….. but perhaps I’d better keep that to myself. Safe to say I laughed even more.

Rocking with laughter always gives me a pain in the gut. And you’re four years younger than me, I says, between mopping tears from the eyes and holding my aching tum. I haven’t had such a good giggle for ages. Isn’t amazing what a good downpour can do? Never again will I grumble about rain.


  1. Great post Val ...
    Teas can also sense when rain or
    bad weather is approaching.. the one time she will leave Bob and follow
    me wherever I go... maybe she thinks
    better for me to get struck by lightning than her Bob...

  2. Honestly, you’d think he lived up the road instead of in the same house. He knows nothing about what’s kept where. I reckon he goes around with his eyes shut

    Oh my, do I know what you mean Val :-D

  3. Hahaha. That was a good story to start the day with. Those thin needles can be buggers to pick up though, I've had experience of that. Did he manage to sew the button on in the end?

  4. those spontaneous moments of laughter...did you ever get the needle...

  5. Really Valerie, haven't you realised it yet. Men never admit to knowing where anything is in the house. That would be silly. Men know more than you think. Apologies to men everywhere for giving this secret away. :-)

  6. I can usually tell when it's going to rain too by the aches and pains. It's been gorgeous here today though but rain again tomorrow they say.

    I enjoyed reading about the missing button. Isn't it great how little things can make us chuckle? :)

  7. I was expecting someone to walk in with your hubby's pants around his ankles and you both bent over and they thinking, "What they HECK are they doing?!" That was so funny! I could just imagine what he looked like!

  8. Yes its stoped hear as well.

    But acording to the TV weatherman more is on the way :-(

  9. Hilarious, Val! I love your writing skills.

  10. I hope you never lose a needle in a haystack Val :)
    Thanks for visiting, I am back (hopefully), will explain later, but really missed the friendship and camaradie (I just know I spelled that wrong) of my online friends.


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