27 June 2011

Flowers and Tennis

Yesterday I thought I'd spend some time watching Wimbledon on television ... Sharapova v Peng which I thought was a nice lead up to the next Murrey match ... but it was too noisy. A couple of years ago players at Wimbledon were banned from grunting and squealing when they strike a ball. Now it seems the rule has been relaxed. I felt like complaining to the Wimbledon authorities that Sharapova's grunts were so irritating I couldn't watch any longer.

Outside the weather was amazing, sunshine, a cloudless blue sky and exceptionally high temperatures. It made more sense to enjoy it and not bother with the tennis. Accordingly, I went out to inspect my rough patch.

The first thing I spotted was this single antirrhinum, obviously sewn from bird seed because we've never, ever had snapdragons in the garden before.

And this, a new arrival which I can't find in my book of wildflowers.
Then there's this, seen among the now seeding foxgloves. The tall yellow flower is also missing from the wildflower book. If anyone can identify it I'd be really grateful. I've cut back the foxgloves so that they'll have a second flowering later in the year. This project gives me a lot of pleasure, I love seeing the extra flowers appearing from nowhere.
But the best of today's finds was my first rose of summer, though I hasten to add that it was not found in the wild patch. I know I should have left it on the bush but I did so want to a bit of colour on my kitchen windowsill.


  1. I'm not a great lover of tennis, but the opportunity to sit and watch a match with my son was too much to resist. That grunting woman spoilt it for me too, and I had to give up watching.

  2. ooo pretty flowers val...i would take flowers over tennis any day...just saying...smiles.

  3. I'm not a flower person, so I'm no help in the I.D. of your flowers. Love that Red Rose! Nice series, Vale.

  4. What a lovely walk through your beautiful garden, Valerie!

    That rose is breathtaking.

    I had clicked to enlarge the second photo of that unusual but gorgeous-looking flower. It's spectacular! The petals look like cut peices of white paper!

    And I LAUGED at this...

    "I felt like complaining to the Wimbledon authorities that Sharapova's grunts were so irritating I couldn't watch any longer."

    HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! As soon as you said that I thought, "Yeah, she's right....those grunts ARE irritating!"

    Wishing you a terrific Tuesday, dear lady!


  5. I used to watch Wimbledon all the time when people like John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Bjorn Borg were the stars. The rallys then were fabulous to watch, these days it's all too fast all they ever serve are Aces. :(

    I did like you yesterday and enjoyed the sunshine in my garden. The rose is lovely Valerie. :)

  6. Love the flowers.

    The women's grunts have been the talk of the US also. Don't the men grunt playing tennis? I don't watch.

  7. Hi y'all. It's a relief to know I'm not alone in complaining about the

  8. Can't see the atraction of tennis, apart from those tennis balls ;-)

  9. Tennis used to be my favorite...played a lot when I was in college... But the knees put an end to that... I do miss the days when their were rules to follow and proper attire was required for Wimbledon... The grunts need to be banned

    What lovely flowers you have in your garden...the rose is spectacular

  10. That rose is so beautiful. The red is great. I liked all the other flowers you found out there.


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