29 June 2011


Where's he going?
Hey, what about me?
Hmm I could be running around the park
instead of sitting here tethered to a cage, waiting! How would he like it if he was tied up and left without so much as a 'do you mind?'


Brian Miller said...

ha fun series of shots...i would so not want to be tethered up like that...

Ron said...

LOVE these photos!

LOVE your captions!

LOVE the dog! He/she is sooooo cute! I just wanna give him/her a HUGE hug!

I see this all the time here in the city. A dog owner will tether their dog to a tree on the sidewalk while they're in a store. I always feel so sorry for them.

Woof! Woof!

Have a terrific Thursday, dear lady!


Akelamalu said...

Oh being tethered when he could be running around isn't fair!

Valerie said...

Nor me, Brian.

He was a cutie, Ron. I would never leave my dog like that, if he couldn't go in a store I wouldn't go in either. There were/are too many dog thieves around so I mostly left him at home.

Absolutely, Pearl. It's not fair at all.

Denise said...

Awwww, what a sweet pooch. He looks like an Old English Sheepdog that has had his summer short-cut. My sister used to have an Old English that looked just like him. His name was Blue and such a character. I have fond memories of trying to get him off their spare bed when I tried to scoot in. He didn't appreciate that very much, always grumbled a little as he got off and when I woke up in the morning there he was lying over my feet! Lovely pictures Valerie. that park looks like a place I would enjoy walking around.

Montanagirl said...

Nice shots, but I wouldn't want to be tied up and left either!

Valerie said...

Denise, they're lovable dogs. Enjoyed your story about Blue, I bet he was a weight on your feet.

Mr. Shife said...

I think we should tether some of those owners. Poor furry baby. I love Tank too much to take him with me just so I would have to tie him up to something while I went into a store to run some errands. He gives me that look when we leave and he can't go but I make it up to him by taking him for long walks, long runs, and belly rubs. Have a good one Val.