07 June 2011



Brian Miller said...

with my arms full of luggage, "what is our room number?"

"is it me or is this the longest hall you have ever been in?"

"I knew i should have gotten the bell hop..."

Ron said...

Ooooo...I really like this photo, Valerie!

It looks like a hallway in either a hotel or a on ship?!?

Happy Wednesday, dear lady!


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Valerie,

Lovely photo. Appears to be quiet and peaceful. But if a mugger is hiding somewhere there I would be terrified to walk there alone. I wonder if this is the hotels where that IMF president, who is involved in a scandal, stayed?

Best wishes,

Valerie said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. The corridor was in fact on a cruise liner, it was half the length again from that seen in the picture.

Denise said...

Ah now, that makes me want to pack my bags and go off on a holiday. Great shot Valerie. I've never been on a cruise but everyone I know who has been on one have had a fantastic time. My retired navy husband who spent a good part of his life on ships is a bit hard to convince though ;) One of these days maybe.

Don't unplug your hub said...

Are we looking into a mirror here?
Hi Valerie I have joined you. I don't know what 'don't unplug your hub' means either. I was just looking for a name for my blog when I first started and spotted these words near the computer plug. Didn't realise it would be permanent. Too late to change it now.