04 June 2011

Sunday Scenes

Today's Sunday Scene shows a wet Sunday in Rome


  1. ah i so wish to visit one the pics...and wet cobblestones...

  2. I love the first photo. I'd quite like to see Rome but my daughter told me that finding somewhere to sit and rest is really difficult so with my PVD, it probably wouldn't be suitable. Shame, but it seems that's one that has to be scratched off the list.

  3. I love Rome.. rain or shine.!!

  4. Bellissima photos, Valerie!

    LOVE the wet cobblestone street!!!

    One of these days I will get myself to Italy, but with the fear of not wanting to return home - HA!

    Have a beautiful Sunday, dear lady!


  5. Well worth a visit, Brian

    It was pretty chaotic, Sharon. We had to sit on a very low wall to eat sandwiches. I couldn't get up!

    Me too, Faye, although it was a trifle busy.

    You might love it, Ron, it was a tad too wet for me.

  6. Oh my - that's just beautiful, Val! I haven't been able to access some of the blogs I visit, yours included, hence the lack of commenting. But it let me on today. Hurray.

  7. Oh it looks lovely even when it is raining there.....:-)Hugs

  8. Nice photos taken after rain...i like all pics.Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

  9. I love how you captured the romanticism in the first photo with the narrow streets and the wet cobblestones.


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