28 June 2011



  1. That tree has a glum expression!

  2. is that a disease on the tree?

  3. That's what I thought, Pearl.

    Brian, I'm not sure. It cold be just a gnarled look.

  4. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this shot, Valerie!

    I happen to adore trees, so this image really had me smiling! To me, trees are amazing because they're so old and tell stories. I can actually FEEL the energy coming from trees!

    Love the knots on the trunk!

    Have a FAB Wednesday, dear lady!


  5. I've never seen a tree look that way before so I'm thinking some kind of disease, too.

    And you've just told me that Akelamalu's name is Pearl. What a lovely name :)

  6. What would a tree say if it could talk? Very interesting tree.

    White oaks normally very bumps like that. Not sure what kind of tree that is.

  7. Ron, with that look on it's face I don't think I'd want to feel it's

    Sharon, I don't think it's a disease. Apparently it's been like that for years.

    Dan, I wish I knew what sort of tree it was.

  8. That tree could be in one of the hobbit movies...
    Looks like it could say a thing or two.
    Nice one Val ,


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