22 June 2011

More Oz Shots

Sorry I can't give precise details of these pictures but as I understand it they are all shots taken in Melbourne itself. The first one is my favourite Brmmm Brmmm!


  1. Love this series... had to smile
    at your comment on the first shot..
    never figured you for a motorcycle

    Just minutes until my weekend begins... so ready for a few days
    to catch up on things. My camera is
    feeling neglected.

    Hope your weekend is relaxing and

  2. Not any longer, Faye, but once upon a time I did own a fairly lightweight motorcycle.

  3. Great series, Val! You go, motorcycle girl!

  4. Grrrrrrrrrreat shots, Valerie!

    I love architecture of those buildings - WOW!!!

    I agree, especially enjoyed the photo of the vintage Harley Davidson.

    "Not any longer, Faye, but once upon a time I did own a fairly lightweight motorcycle."

    You GO, girl!

    I use to work with a woman, who she and her husband actually built Harley's. They had a collection of them and they were beautiful!

    Brmmmmm! Brmmmmmmm!

    Happy Thursday, dear lady!


  5. We really want to go back to Australia, this time to visit Melbourne and the Gold Coast where we have more relatives. We went to Sydney last time. :)

    Love the pics Valerie.

  6. Mona, I was a proper tearaway at one time...grins.

    Ron, I must repost my article about a particular bike I had. If you haven't already seen it you could have a laugh at my expense.

    Pearl, I imagine the Gold Coast is spectacular. Lucky you.

  7. Great shots of a place I will probably never see in my lifetime!

  8. If I was young enough to have a midlife crisis, I would buy that bike.

  9. motorcycles are great :-)

    Lovely pictures ;-)

  10. Really cool photos, Val. Thanks for sharing. Some day I'll go to Australia.


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