21 September 2011

Incident Packed Journey

The journey to the recent Marie Curie Charity Lunch was incident packed.

First I caught up with a very big car transporter that filled the road. For ten miles I hung onto its tail. Ten miles without an opportunity to overtake. When finally the driver turned off, I was faced with yet another hurdle. This time it was a Canada Goose in front of me. Seriously!

It was near a traffic island and I got the feeling the poor bird was unable to fly because it was scooting along on webbed feet trying not to get run down. The motorists were very good, they all went out of their way (where possible) to avoid him.

Moving on, I came to some traffic lights. A three lane stop, one for turning left, one for right, and one for straight across. I wanted the middle one and so did the cyclist ahead of me. Left and right didn’t have a problem, unlike piggy in the middle (me) that had to wait while the cyclist got going … slowly. All this at a busy junction!

Moving on again. It was on a fairly clear, narrow road that I saw the fearless paper collector. You know the sort of person, man armed with a tool that spears bits of paper and puts them in a bag. He was in the middle of the road, totally engrossed in what he was doing and apparently unaware that he was a hindrance. Another hold up! I agree it’s a worthwhile task but why do it when I’m on the road?

Every time I do the journey I vow to get a picture of the low flying aircraft heading for the airport and this morning I saw a beauty… it was so low it almost touched the roof of the car. Slight exaggeration, of course, but it really was low. And what happened? Nothing! The camera couldn’t be reached and anyway I couldn’t take a picture whilst driving.

Oh and I forgot to mention that it was raining.

I'm out for the day today, folks, so may not be able to visit your lovely blogs. Heehee I won't be driving. A bunch of us are going by coach to Stratford-upon-Avon, to see the refurbished splendour of the Shakespeare Theatre. Hope to get pictures to show you. Ciao.


  1. First off, Congrats to you for getting through all those obstacles!
    The things one has to do just to drive from Point A to Point B.

    That poor duck; my hubby & I once had a whole family of quail cross our car! Of course, he breaks for animals. They were amusing to watch, waddling their way across.

    Have a very good day :)

  2. oy sounds like you were having fun with traffic...have a great time on your trip today...tell the bard hello...

  3. As that saying goes, "Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug." Sounds like you were the bug that day, girlie! A real obstacle course to get to your destination! You should have won a medal!

  4. WOW! What a driving day you had, Valerie!

    "First I caught up with a very big car transporter that filled the road."

    OMG, that always freaks me out because I keep thinking one of the cars is going roll of the truck and land on the hood of my car - HA!

    "A bunch of us are going by coach to Stratford-upon-Avon, to see the refurbished splendour of the Shakespeare Theatre. Hope to get pictures to show you."

    Oh, I wish I could be with you! I would LOVE to see the Shakespeare Theater!!! Can't wait to see the photographs!

    Have a FAB day, dear lady!


  5. I'm not as patient as you in traffic Valerie. I drive a lot and always under pressure so there are a lot of choice words spoken in frustration. I don't break the rules of the road though, only the rules of blasphemy. Good job I travel on my own!
    Out of the car I am as quiet as a church mouse!

  6. We have geese crossing the roads at a few places nearby. Actually, I posted a picture recently of a couple strolling along.
    Travels are like that alot here in NJ too. Trash trucks, people out for jogs, and forget trying to get on the highway from Thurs.-Sat. during the summer when everyone is going to the shore.

    Ooh... Shakespeare theatre! ENJOY!

  7. Oh, I'm guilty...I brake for critters, too. All.The.Time.

    And I'm not so fond of passing vehicles any more. Now, I own there WAS a time hell could freeze over before I'd let one overtake ME! LOL But I'm much more......relaxed (?) today?
    Or....maybe that's just the grace of age's wisdom.
    Nah. LOL Relaxed works!

    I hope you enjoy that theatre!

  8. I was driving home tonight and got stuck behind a Volvo going 50mph. I couldn't get around him no matter how hard I tried. "What the H?!" I said out loud. "Is this jerk so busy picking his nose that he can't speed the f up?"

    I *finally* managed to get out from behind this jerk, and proceeded to give him the stick eye as I passed. When I finally pulled along side him....yep, he was picking his nose.

    Yay for people!

  9. Hi Val - I'm just back from a couple days away...Always a pleasure to visit your blog!

  10. Barb, I thought it was only in my country that the birds did crazy things.

    Brian, thanks ... details of the day out coming up next post.

    Pat, I'll have to apply for that medal, it didn't come naturally...grins.

    Ron, and me, and me. I always think the cars will roll off the transporters. Oooo you would have LOVED the theatre. See next post.

    Blogaire, I am quite a patient driver although I don't let others take advantage. I have to be the calm one since hubby gets het up over the least little thing.

    CrystalChick, lovely to see you here. Seems to me the US birds are more daring than ours. You like Shakespeare? I know he has a huge US following. To be or not to be... grins.

    Mel, I guess I'll go for relaxed rather than age... grins.

    HermanTurnip, how hilarious... picking his nose while driving. I wonder if he needed the mirror to make sure he left no evidence...

    Mona, hope you had a brilliant time. Did you take pictures?


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