16 September 2011


Oh Wow, what a surprise I got this morning when I logged into the blog and saw all the lovely people visiting from Ron's place to compliment me on the above picture. Bless you all.

I didn't show much imagination with the following choice of frames but I'm still learning. My favourite is the last one but not because of the frame. I thought the effect was, well, different.


  1. I like them all.!!
    But the last one is also my favorite.

  2. You don't often get a chance to snap sunbeams like that..

  3. Love them all Valerie but the last one makes me want to be there! :)

  4. nice...i like the feathers one...

  5. You have such a grand eye with the camera! I just love coming over here and reading your stories and seeing the pictures! Takes me over to where you are!

  6. You GO, Valerie!

    Love them ALL! The frames and the effects are AWESOME.

    And as Kalynn shared....

    "You have such a grand eye with the camera!"

    Have a great day, dear lady. And thanks again for adding your photo to my post. Proud to have you there!


  7. Ron, perhaps I should get a camera to match the eye. The Nikon is great but there's a limit to the range of pictures it will take.

  8. Mr V. You're a sight for sore eyes. Happy to see you around once more. You've been greatly missed.

  9. Thank you, Val. I missed you folks, too.

  10. Yes, the picture from Ron's blog was really nice. As are all of your framed ones here.
    I enjoy taking pictures and looking at ones others have taken too.


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