09 September 2011


I knew tomatoes were getting smaller but I didn't expect them to shrink even further than the so called cherry size. Not that cherry tomatoes look anything like a cherry but I guess it's a reasonable description. I used to like beef tomatoes but transferred my affections to the next size down and then further down to the cherry equivalent. They so much sweeter. However, the latest supermarket display now includes berry tomatoes, minute fruit that is sweeter still. I just had to take a photograph. Trust me when I say that the 'big' ones are cherry toms and the titches are the new (to me) berries. I can't stop eating them. Every time I pass the dish I help myself to a handful of tiny berries.

Forgive the quality of the next picture


  1. The cherry tomatoes are excellent
    for salads, but I prefer the HUGE
    beefsteak tomato for a sandwich..
    just tomato and mayo on fresh bread..
    now I'm hungry.. thank you very much.

    Have a happy weekend.. a little cooler here , so it must be chilly
    across the pond.

  2. i dont know that i have ever seen boys will love those...we go through cherry tomatoes like candy...

  3. I've not seen berry tomatoes, must look out for them.

  4. OMG....I LOVE cherry tomatoes too!

    They're usually much sweeter than regular tomatoes.

    I also love how cute and little they are.

    So easy to wash and then POP into your mouth - HA! They're also fabulous for salads.

    Now, you got me thinking about and wanting cherry tomatoes. Well, I may have to go the grocery store after work today.

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear lady!


  5. Faye, now I'm hungry after reading about your sandwich.

    Brian, they're great, the boys could shovel handfuls in their mouths at the same time. They're smaller than Smarties!

    Pearl, I got mine from Sainsburys. They're packed in a small box right next to the cherry tomatoes.

    Oooh Ron, did I stir the taste buds? If you like cherry tomatoes you'd love berry sized ones.

  6. I love eating cherry tomatoes. They are also selling 'grape' tomatoes here now, which are the size of your titchy ones.

  7. Yes, they have bred a grape tomato because of it being close to a grape size. They are still good.


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