10 September 2011

On offer at the garden centre

Most people visit garden centres on a fine day. I know I do. If it's raining I prefer to be somewhere dry, like at home. Not for me is the wandering round potted plants and shrubs getting soaked.

It was a sunny day on my last visit. I'd gone for more herbs, rosemary being the main one but I tossed in a parsley plant and a couple of mints, the spearmint and apple ... I adore potatoes boiled with apple mint. Naturally parsley is required for making parsley sauce but it's also my signature ... if there's not a sprig on the plate my Guy raises a questioning eyebrow. Anyhow, that's not what I wanted to show you.

At the checkout, goods paid for and packed in the trolley, the assistant handed over a slip of paper. I had to read both sides to get the idea. Here's the pics. Sorry they're crumpled. I was about to chuck them in the trash bin when I realised there was a two sided message.

Next time I intend going on a rainy day.


  1. An offer worth taking I'd say!

  2. ha, that is fun...yeah you get extra when raining so might as well wait...

  3. FUNNY!!!!

    Yeah, it definitely would pay (less) to go on a rainy day!

    And btw, I LOVE rosemary! The smell and taste are divine!

    Happy Sunday, Valerie!


  4. Now isn't that a good idea! I love garden centres too and I don't mind a bit if it is raining.
    I've never tried apple mint! ordinary mint yes, but not apple mint. Must try it now...
    When I next go and it should have been today, but I was lazy, I need to get some flower pots to pot up my geraniums for the winter.

  5. Hi all, thank you for your comments. Interestingly I need to visit the centre again, do I or don't I wait for a rainy day?

    Ron, I cooked lamb steaks with rosemary today... it was DELICIOUS.

  6. Too funny time put on your rain gear
    and start stomping about.

  7. What a cool idea. Just go on rain days and get a discount for each return visit.


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