17 September 2011

Sunday Scene

(Enlarge pictures for full effect)

From a scene of a lake in Sutton Park
to this sepia effect
and finally to a framed Vignette version
All I need now is to find a programme that offers more of a variety in the framing department


  1. ooo i like the sepia the effects val!

  2. Valerie, ALL of these are so beautifully done!

    You GO, girl!

    I'm impressed!

    Like Brian, the sepia tone really touched me. I adore that look.

    Have a lovely Sunday, dear lady!


  3. Oh the sepia version is amazing Valerie. :)

  4. The Sepia wins, then. Thank you all for your comments. Of course, I didn't actually do anything... simply used

  5. What a lovely photo with the swan in the lake. I, too, like the sepia tone. I use Coral which is similar to Paint Shop. They have many frames to chose from.

  6. They are all fantastic... I will have to check out that website.

  7. Thank you for the picture perfect serenity.
    I could have put the last one on my wall to (try) and meditate.


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