06 September 2011

Wordless (speechless) ...


  1. Hi Valerie,
    You wouldn't believe it...
    I had seats, too, in the first photo of my new post!

    But, the seats that I featured are worlds apart from this bench.
    Poor guy; no one wants to repair him. :(

  2. My personal favorite.. a bench..
    that one looks a little lonely.

  3. i imagine a little old man still coming every day to sit on it...until it collapses all the way..

  4. Not sure it would stand up to me sitting om it ;-)

  5. Hi everyone, It is sad to see such a dilapidated item in a beautiful natural area.

  6. LOVE it, Valerie!

    I so enjoy photographs like this because they 'speak' the history of the image.

    You can just feel/hear it.

    BRA-VA, dear lady!

    Happy Wednesday....X

  7. I don't know if this is sad, per say, just a bench that looks like it got a LOT of use!


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