04 September 2011

Sunday Scene

One of the many spots where I live that provides peace and tranquility


  1. bet the sounds are pretty amazing too...frogs and insects...nice escape...

  2. That's beautiful Valerie, you're lucky to live close to it. :)

  3. That looks lovely. Any fish in there?

  4. And I can see WHY you enjoy this place.

    WOW! It's soooooooo beautiful, Valerie. Looks like my kinda place too.

    LOVE the lilly pads on the water!

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady.

    Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!


  5. Hi Brian, I didn't hear frogs or insects, the Canada Geese were in good voice,

    Hi Pearl, yes I am lucky.

    Hi Mona, pictures of the fish will be posted soon. They were huge.

    Hi Ron, it really is an idyllic place. Soooo peaceful.

  6. That looks very tranquil Val.
    ps my word verification is "confess"..ooh well I confess I came to bed and left the washing up LOL

  7. Looks very inviting......a nice quiet spot to sit and just relax

  8. I really like waterlilies and they are so few in this state unless you go trekking into the swamps. We so few swamps so it is rare that I see them.

  9. Looks like a beautiful and peaceful place to contemplate life or bird watch!


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