07 September 2011

Messing about!

Well, if the birds will leave feathers in the garden they must expect me to play around with them. Actually there were some lovely Magpie feathers but hubs chucked them away before I could collect them.

Next is a demonstration if a child playing with a new toy. Me! I simply can't resist messing about with pictures and trying new software prgrammes.

However, the programme (Picnik) is very limiting unless you pay a fee of so many dollars per month ... with the variety of excellent and free programmes on the market I don't think I'll bother.


  1. Good morning Valerie,

    I haven't really let my hair down(yet) with photo editing. I agree with you, there are so many free programs available.
    Those are really attractive effects!
    And yes, a nicer bench is pictured today, too :)

    I have done some work with Picasa. It is very basic and easy to use.

    Have a nice day :)

  2. Yes great photo effects. Like the feather picture :-)

  3. i am lucky just to take a decent photo much less edit one...ha...there are some cool things that programs can do to them now though...

  4. Well, you did a fine job for free! I like what you did with the feathers!

  5. Well you're doing great with the limited version so why pay? :)

  6. You GO, Valerie!

    WOW...not only do I like the what you did with the bottom photo, but that first one (framed) is faaaabulous! It almost looks like a painting!

    I agree, I've used Picnik too and found it very limiting unless you pay. Years ago, when it first started it had more FREE features.

    My favorite online free photo editing site is currently, They're fun!

    Have a great day, dear lady!


  7. Pearl, I wouldn't pay for the privilege. Further use of this particular programme isn't on the cards, there's not much else I can do with it so it would be boring.

    Brian, I'm sure you take brilliant pictures.

    Barb, your pictures don't need any endorsement. They're lovely as they are.

    Ron. Yes, I was quite pleased with the effect of the feathers. I have tried Lunapic, I particularly liked the rippling water effect. Must investigate it further.

  8. You have been having some fun Valerie. Nice pictures and effects. Thanks for stopping by. I've thought about putting my picture on a few greeting cards. I have paint shop pro that I used to put the frame on in my header.

  9. ... but you have some lovely results. I could do with a really good graphics programme to fiddle with, but aren't they expensive! and would I be up to using it? I wonder.
    Like the feather picture very much.

  10. I like all the effects you try on your photos! So cool!

  11. I really like the feather photo, and I agree why pay when you can still get a lot of cool stuff for free. Have a good one, Val.

  12. Great shots Val ... and the
    framing technique works very well..
    especially like the first photo.


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