02 September 2011

Saturday Special ... I wish!

Look what was parked beside my car yesterday. A classic Mercedes in such good condition that it looked brand new. Just look at that shine.
I guess my fairy godmother parked it there. How do I know?

Because it's got my name on it.
Take no notice of the 888, the godmother is always getting my age wrong.

Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. Oh sweet! I would love to take that for a little ride in the country.

  2. Of course the car was meant for you...
    its tagged with your name...

    Happy weekend !!

  3. How fabulous - you really should have that numberplate!

  4. oh wow what a cool is def for you...and for you to drive across the pond and give me a ride...smiles.

  5. Buongiorno Valerie, come stai oggi? A little joke after I had a good chuckle at your comment on me buying a book not realizing it was in Italian. I know someone here who would love that car. It would match his golfing pants, or near to it! ;)

  6. "Take no notice of the 888, the godmother is always getting my age wrong."

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That cracked me up!

    I think it's amazing that it has your name on it. How ironic. Yup, it was meant for YOU!

    GORGEOUS car, Valerie!

    Green is my favorite color.

    Love Mercedes and BMW'S. They're pricy, but they last forever!

    Happy Saturday, dear lady!


  7. Dan, so would I.

    Faye, thanks. If ever a car was worth stealing, this is it.

    Pearl, I agree... I should have it ... with a substitute for the 888 of course.

    Brian, if I could I would but, hey, it's car not an amphibian....grins.

    Buon giorno, Denise. Grazie, molte bene.

  8. Mona, okay... let's go.

    Ron, yet another coincidence, green is my favourite too. So pleased you liked MY car. Have a splendid weekend.

  9. Thumbs up!
    Yes, someone is thinking of you :)

    Happy weekend :)

  10. It is so green. I have never seen it in that color but yes your name is on it.


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