25 January 2013

A Memory

Shame to spoil it!
 Every time there is snow I am reminded of my cousin Ann’s first experience of the white stuff. She and her parents lived on the other side of the road from our grandparents, almost opposite, in fact. Ann was just a toddler when she was taken out to see the snow covered garden. She looked at it in amazement and then turned to her mother and excitedly asked ‘Has Grandma got some?’

I used to feel the same excitement whenever I saw virgin snow ... sad to say that feeling is no longer experienced, though I have to confess it is pretty enough to take pictures. Apart from feeding the birds, I have only been out of the house once in almost two weeks and it was beginning to irritate. So this morning I ventured out in the car. However, I'd had enough by the time I reached the shops so I came straight back home. Driving was decidedly dodgy and walking was even worse. Isn't it awful when the weather conditions decide our fate! Oh well, patience is a virtue ... or so they say. Pity I'm running out of it.
The weight of snow pulling the branch down


  1. running out of patience...oh goodness....smiles....snowing here today a couple inches at least so we will be sledding...woohoo

  2. I have to confess to still feeling the childlike excitement when the snow comes.

  3. It seems a fact of life that the older you get the less you like snow. What was so exciting as a child is now something to instill fear at the thought of having to walk or drive in it. :(

    I do like looking at it through the window though. ;)

  4. "I have only been out of the house once in almost two weeks and it was beginning to irritate." *laughing* Try three times in seven weeks and lemme know how that works for ya!

    Oh--but isn't it lovely?! I've taken to a different attitude. LET it snow! I don't have to go out in it and deal with all the insane drivers who've forgotten how to drive in the stuff!
    So far that's worked--mostly......

    Small wonder I'm witchy? ROFL

  5. Yes, Brian... I think I've lost ALL my patience. Enjoy the sledding... smiles.

    Ah, John, but you're not as old as me .... it wears off, eventually.

    I like looking at snow through the window, Pearl, but it's hell to drive in. I definitely am more fearful these days.

    Aaw Mel, I'd temporarily forgotten you don't have a choice these days. Thank goodness you will soon recover and be able to go out.

  6. We haven't had ice or snow for 2 winters now, since we moved here. I can't say I really mind at all, but I remember in Michigan when the kids were small, I really hated to get them suited up....snow looks pretty but it is very problematic as we age.

  7. GLORIOUS photos, Valerie!!!!!

    And what a beautiful memoir!

    "She looked at it in amazement and then turned to her mother and excitedly asked ‘Has Grandma got some?’"

    Oh, how sweet!

    I'm kinda like a kid too whenever it snows. It always makes me feel giddy and child-like.

    Now mind you, I live in a city where all the "taking care of the snow" is done by the city, so I don't have to shovel or drive in it. But by the third day, the snow usually turns to black and dirty slush, in which your shoes get filthy.

    Great post, dear lady!

    Have a lovely weekend....X

  8. Hi Ron. The Council clears or grits all the main roads but the side roads are left for us to do. If only we had the energy! Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on the time of year) we live on a hill and the road is quite treacherous when snow comes and ice forms. We get slush as well, there's no avoiding THAT!

  9. Ah yes ... I well remember the excitement of the first decent snowfall in the notorious winter of 1962/62. I got colder than I ever remembered being in my life, but kept going back out for more!

    These days, I'm like you. I feed the birds, I take photos. I have to go out with the dogs, but my husband can't stay upright in the ice and as you get older it REALLY hurts to fall. He also has Raynaud's. Me, I sprain my ankles regularly, and one of our dogs is a tripod, so it's worrying when it's icy.

    Wouldn't it be nice if it snowed, stayed long enough to take pictures and have snowball fights if you were so inclined and then vanished within an hour without flooding everywhere?

  10. The thrill is gone for me, so long ago. Once I had to clear the sidewalk or scrape the windshield, snow was viewed differently.

  11. I am no longer a fan of the snow. If we are fortunate enough I want to be a snow bird. Me and Mrs. Shife hit the road and head south when the weather starts to get chilly. We have been having a colder than normal winter here and I am about tired of it. Today was the first day it has been above freezing in a real long time. Have a nice weekend.

  12. Hi Jay, 1962 - I remember it well. It was a difficult time for everybody. All in all it seems the snowy season isn't for us.

    Hi Susan, it is amazing how we change as we grow older! Good to 'see' you again.


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