06 January 2013

Sunday Scenes

These aren't exactly Sunday scenes but you might find some of them ... er  ... interesting! 

With stepdaughter Ros and partner, Frank, being home from the UK we tended to go out rather a lot. We're fanatics for avoiding cooking by eating out.  The next three pictures were taken in the toilets at the Plough and Harrow. The Ladies. Apparently, and I only have the men's word for this, the wall in the Gents were full of pictures of women. More than this I can't say but the mind boggles when I try to imagine what sort of pictures they were... and in such a respectable restaurant as well! I made a point of visiting the Ladies to see what was going on in there. Do enlarge for a better view!

Yeah right!

Moving swiftly on....

This was a Christmas tree made from an old magazine. I got the idea from Banker Chick and couldn't wait to have a go at making one. Did I say 'one'? I'm afraid I got carried away and made several. I could have sprayed them with glitter but didn't have time. Maybe next year....

Now this was novel. An ordinary cup of coffee, you might think ... but no. It was soup served in a novel way. We had Christmas lunch at Moor Hall (click to see pics of their dining rooms) and this novel touch was the soup course. Everyone was astonished 'cause we're all so used to traditional soup bowls and spoons. It's so unusual to say we had 'cuppa soup' for Christmas lunch.  

A welcoming fire at another eating place, the Horse and Jockey.

and this is the menu at Moor Hall's New Year's Day Brunch. I have to confess I had most of the hot selection, including the pancakes. 


  1. Now those are fun photos Valerie.

  2. Ahaha! I love the cup of soup! I thought it was probably hot chocolate, because I looked at all the photos first.

    The Ladies is fun. I've taken a lot of photos of Ladies' loos over the years because they can be really interesting. The best so far is The George in Stamford (UK) which is split level, and gorgeously decorated with brocade curtains with rope tie-backs, flowers, pot-pourri, and lavishly painted with classical style murals. Do go and take a look if you're ever in the area! They do a great menu there, too!

  3. Hi Jay. The George sounds like my kind of place. We don't live near Stamford (Lincolnshire?)otherwise I would definitely pop in there.

  4. Happy New Year Valerie. I'm not sure if you approve or disapprove about the pictures so I shall just say 'interesting'.
    Talking of pictures I will let you know when I can get some on this thinkpad. If I ever find out that is.

  5. ha on the bathroom pics...where was the fire, we only have one place in town with a fire...and how neat as well on teh soup delivery...

  6. The pics in the gents were definitely better!
    But of course more controversial so no pics taken!

  7. Very cool fireplace!
    Very...........omgosh photos in the bathroom. LOL I shudder to think how they entertained the men! Did you send hubby in to investigate?

    WOW what a breakfast. Himself would be drooling in anticipation! I, on the other hand--2 eggs over easy, hashbrowns with onions. *laughing* I'm a very predictable person...

  8. Fun post, Val! We have a cup of soup often, but never in a cup! LOL

  9. Bwhahahahahahhahaha!

    OMG, those photos in ladies room are faaaaaaaaabulous! We need to start doing that in the U.S. instead of all the nasty graffiti written on the walls. At least with the photos, they're artsy and tasteful.

    While living in Japan, they too serve their soup in a small cup. They don't use spoons, they sip it.

    LOVE the Christmas tree, Valerie! When I was a kid we made those too. How FUN!

    Thanks for sharing a delightful post, dear lady.

    Happy Sunday....X

  10. Brian, I can send the exact location of the pics ... but not the air fare... smiles.

    Ron, I wonder if the hotel chef was Japanese? I only read about those Xmas 'trees' this year... it seems the US was years ahead. I'm definitely going to spread it around.

  11. These are a lot of fun things you have shared. When a kid I made trees from Reader's Digest magazines. We spray painted them but I like the colorful one you made.

  12. Love the photos!
    The bathroom ones were, uh, different. lol
    The Christmas tree made from mag pages is very cool.

  13. The photos from my experiences may be less tasteful in the men's toilet.

  14. Hehehe...yeah, that's some Heh...I always wondered what was in the ladies loo. Now I know!

  15. .. and I thought I was the only one to take photos in the loo..

    Great series !!
    I would love to sit by that fire and share a glass or two with you..

  16. Herman, it's the first time I've seen SUCH pictures in the Ladies Loo... grins.

  17. Interesting art work in the ladies. You should have sent your hubby in the gents to take some pics. ;)

  18. Pearl, I did.... but he didn't :O)

  19. I often drink my soup out of a mug, but not out of fine china. That fireside was very cozy.


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