12 January 2013

The day I fell out of bed

All I can say is... thank goodness I live in the UK!

I hadn’t used to barricade myself in bed but I do now. Pillows everywhere! It all started with a fall just prior to Christmas.   

One minute I was dreaming, the next I was wondering what hit me. I had actually rolled out of bed in my sleep and landed on my knees with my face resting on a glass on the bedside table. Fortunately it wasn’t a drinking glass, just a heavy glass container for odds and sods that might be needed in the night: phone, inhaler (a leftover from a cold), indigestion tablets (another leftover), a pen, two mini-book lights, small notepad, and a voice recorder in case I was inspired to compose. Apart from feeling shaken, I was bleeding to death. Or so it seemed by the amount of blood on the carpet and bed. Not knowing what injuries I had I rushed out to get something with which to mop up the blood that was pouring out of my nose. Yes, I’d smashed nose and lip on the glass container and broken a blood vessel.

Joe wakes at this point, senses my state of panic, and comes to help. It was five o’clock in the morning yet amazingly he managed to remove every bit of blood from the cream coloured carpet and the bedclothes.

The bruises on the knees were quite pretty, but it was my face that sustained the worst injury. What a sight! Apart from soreness on the bridge of the nose there was nothing else to see, but the cut on the bottom lip took what seemed like ages to heal. It was quite swollen, bringing about a somewhat distorted effect like something out of a Dracula film.

The incident was a jolt, I can tell you. I mean, rolling out of bed in my sleep wasn’t something I’d ever done before.  I was sober too ... thought I’d better include that to stem any evil thoughts you might have.

On top of the soreness, it was all a damn nuisance. Christmas was approaching and there was I ... injured. A WI Christmas lunch at the golf club had to be cancelled because (a) I couldn’t eat properly and (b) I felt too grotesque to be seen in public. I had just a few days to try and get back to normal. Okay, so what’s normal?

There’s no moral to this story, just a vague suspicion that I’m getting accident prone. Now that IS worrying. Perhaps the trend for falling out of bed has moved from the US to the UK. 


  1. I guess you got off lightly as no bones were broken. Glad you're back to "normal" now though!


  2. Poor you! You have my sympathies. Only recently I was chatting to a friend on Wordpress and we were saying how we are both much more careful about accidents as we are older. For example, I always hold the rail when I walk down the stairs these days and take extra care when crossing the road. I just seem to want to be more careful because I know how hard it is not to hurt oneself these days.
    I can imagine what a shock it was for you to fall out of bed. Something else to watch out for. I'll put it on my list. Get well soon Valerie. I'm sorry about your accident. Sounds so painful.
    ps L has decided to move to Eng. in June!! put his stuff in storage and try it over here for 6 months.

  3. Holy cow.......

    Now there's an experience I don't think I need. Pretty sure rolling out of bed wouldn't happen with 40 pounds holding me in place, but ya never know!
    Ohmygosh...musta scared the byjeepers out of both of you!

    I'm grateful nothing worse happened as a result--sounds like what DID happen for injury was enough to contend with!

    Guard rail, maybe?
    Or a centurion....LOL.....of the good looking type to just stand watch!

  4. I will settle for a centurion,

  5. oh dang val...i am glad it was not worse...a broken bone would have def laid you up for a while...that was hard on my mom when she fell and broke her leg a couple years back....glad you are back to normal a bit...

  6. YIKES! What a scary and jolting experience, Valerie!

    Like others here have shared, I'm so glad no broken bones were involved.

    I'm a very rough sleeper, therefore, I move around a lot when I'm in bed. I have a "full" size bed, but when I was back in Florida last November, I slept in my mother's room, which she had had a "twin" size. was like sleeping in a canoe! I barely had enough space to turn over without feeling like I was going to fall out.

    Have a great Saturday, dear lady!


  7. Brian, I broke an ankle once so I know how it feels; thank goodness I didn't break my nose.

  8. Ron, it certainly was a jolting experience. It jolted me AWAKE! Hope it never happens again, I'm relying on the pillows to save me...ha.

  9. maybe you should get a 'platform ' bed... closer to the floor and no real damage if you roll onto the floor....

  10. I feel somewhat to blame as it seems you had this fall right after a comment I made about the possibility of myself rolling off of a single bed--Sorry

    So blame it on me rather than you becoming accident prone, I'll take the blame for this one :)

    What is normal? I say it is whatever it takes to keep us off of the floor and looking good.

    Now I will be propping an extra pillow against myself tonight.

  11. I'm pleased you have recovered Valerie. I wonder what you were dreaming about when it happened?

  12. I don't believe I've ever fallen out of bed. I'm glad you're okay though! That was a rather rude awakening for you!!

  13. You do make me smile, Jimmy. Oh and by the way, I never did get that guard rail....grins.

  14. Oh no! What a freaky thing to happen! You ARE lucky that you have no broken bones. This could have been so much worse! Glad you have a sense of humor about the incident!


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