13 January 2013

Sunday Scenes

Shots from a Mediterranean cruise in 2005

Venice, of course!

Fun in a boat!
Grapes galore!

A train in Palma

The solitary tree!


  1. Wow--that last shot is breath taking. And look at the train! It's lovely and takes on a glow with that wood! Awesome!

  2. that is a cool tree in that last shot....and i love the train for sure...and the gondola....happy sunday valerie

  3. Hi Brian, I too liked the shot of the tree, and the gondola was the subject of many shots.

  4. Bellissima, Valerie!

    That first shot of the balcony is sooooo beautiful! I love the green moss on the walls.

    And the photo of those grapes and vineyard are just stunning!

    One of these days, I must get to Venice and ride a gondola!

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady. Always enjoy your travel photo posts!


    1. Let me know when you go, Ron, and I'll come with you...smiles

  5. Fantastic photos Valerie. That must have been a great vacation.

  6. I never did get my Cornetto Icecream though on the gondola.
    Great visits there though!

  7. Beautiful! That last shot is a real eye-catcher. Val, I need a favor - the next time I have a new Post on my blog, would you try left clicking on the photo, and then right clicking on the photo. I want to see if the HTML code I changed is working. If it's working, you shouldn't be able to left or right click on the photo... I tinkered with it, after getting a heads up from another blogger about photos being swiped from blogs, by left-clicking and/or right-clicking one's photos. Thanks! Just let me know when you comment.

  8. Fantastic shots!! The final one of the solitary tree really grabbed me.

  9. Very beautiful! I thought cactus only grew in the deserts of Arizona and California! Love that last photo of the solitary tree!

  10. Beautiful shots of Venice, Val! A wonderful place that I got to visit in 1986.


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