05 January 2013

Saturday Special

This video is amazing.



Lea said...

Fantastic images of the queen's life! Lea and I enjoyed it immensely.

Joseph Daggatt said...

Super Video!
I want one of you now!!

Brian Miller said...

wow it is cool...and a little freaky as well....we dont see someone age so fast in real life but def very cool too...

Mel said...

Oh how lovely--from the laughing little one to the fantastic woman of who she is today.

Amazing video. It was very well done.

Ron said...

*thunderous applause*

AMAZING indeed, Valerie!!!!

I actually watched it TWICE!

She's equally as beautiful now as she was as that child.

Long live the Queen!

Thanks for sharing, dear lady. Really enjoyed this!


Valerie said...

Thanks, Ron. When I saw the video I couldn't believe how clever some people are to do this sort of thing. I wonder if the Queen has seen it, and if so did she like it.

Hi, Brian. It was clever tho, don't you think?

Banker Chick said...

This is so amazing. I am still visiting grandkids so I have to read in spurts.