15 February 2013


It’s not very often I get to mix with younger people but when it happens I feel quite rejuvenated. Let me tell you about one such day:

On a recent visit to one of the local shops the door was held open for me by a very polite young man. I thanked him, and he replied ‘Chivalry isn’t dead, it’s just dormant’. I was astonished and impressed (although I tried not to show it) that this had come from a young man. And you know what.... it made me feel very feminine.
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On the same day I visited a nearby supermarket, one big enough to sell books. Naturally, being a bit of a reader, I stopped to look at the latest publications. Whilst I was browsing a young woman in a wheelchair came by; she pointed to a particular book and asked if I had read it. I hadn’t. ‘You should,’ she said. ‘It’s a true story about a cat. I’m sure you would like it.’

The book in question was: A Street Cat Named Bob,’ by James Bowen, which I understand is a best seller and about to be made into a film. I can’t wait to read it. Yes, I bought it. Well, it was on special offer, at a price I couldn’t resist. Now I’m wondering if the lady was in sales and advertising ‘cause she sure sold it to me.

That wasn’t all. Whilst talking, we were joined by another young woman who began to rave over another book. The conversation got quite animated, the three of us itching to get our bit in before the others.... have you read.... did you know.... the story concerns.... etc.

It was rather an enjoyable though unexpected encounter and I left the store feeling quite revitalised. It wasn’t until I got outside that I remembered what I went in for in the first place.

I’ll let you know about the book!


  1. very cool...let me know on the book...its cool that the boy held the door for you...people arent half bad when you give them a chance eh? smiles...happy friday val

  2. The world is filled with wonderful people of all ages. I'm glad you got a good dose of it.....AND a good book! ;-)

  3. I am amazed at how friendly folks are her in Podunk. Being from So California I am use to people rarely making eye contact. When I am in my yard and anyone drives by, they always wave. Kids walking by to or from the school bus will ask about the dogs and smile and folks are always talking to me in stores. Customer service is usually good no matter where I shop.

  4. Not enough people speak to each other whilst shopping IMO. I do try to smile at people and if they return the smile I say Good Morning or Good Afternoon, I always get a reply. I always reward chivalry/kindness with a Thankyou too. :)

  5. " It wasn’t until I got outside that I remembered what I went in for in the first place."

    Oh but wasn't it wonderful that it was because you were distracted by a POSITIVE experience?

    I loved this post, Valerie, because I often find myself talking about how the younger generation has lost their "social skills" because of all the technology that distracts them. But like you, I have on occasion experienced interactions with them that has changed my perception.

    Such as...holding a door open for me and actually saying, "Hello."

    Hey, and that book looks great. I will look for it the next time I'm in Barnes and Noble because I love cats.

    Have a super weekend, dear lady!


  6. Brian, I will let you know about the book.

    Mel, I'm afraid some of our youngsters don't know the meaning of 'polite'. Sad.

    Banker Chick, the adults are friendly but the youngsters never struck me as being raised right.

    Pearl, same here. It think maturity brings common sense. I love talking to the oldies when I get the chance.

    Ron, it was the distraction that amazed me... usually everyone rushes through the day without a minute to spare so I enjoyed this encounter. I'll report on the book in case you don't find it.

  7. Great post Val ...

    it is nice to have
    pleasant conversation with
    other shoppers... too frequently
    the shops and roadways are filled with
    ill mannered and rude people.

  8. Look forward to hearing about your thoughts on the book, and nice to know there are some good folks still out there because sometimes you think the world is just full of rude people. Have a good weekend, Val.

  9. Yes, let us know! I'm very curious now.


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