21 February 2013


There is a certain thrill in seeing my books listed on Amazon, a sort of 'can't believe it' feeling. Even if the books don't sell I will still feel proud that they're up there for all to see. Yea, I now have four books on Kindle.  First to hit the publishing field were the animal stories, followed by a novel, and finally a volume of short stories entitled Fiction in Miniature. The stories are of mixed genre and represent the first in a series called Val's Tales

 Once Upon A Time ... a tale of two rescued dogs
Butch describes his new life on a farm. 
Feline Capers
Lee, the cat, shares the details of her daily antics and her new friend.
Trust Not The Vow
A full blown novel set in the fifties, beginning with adolescent infatuation and ending in tragedy.  

Fiction in Miniature
The first volume of the Val's Tales series. 


  1. Congratulations Valerie and how exciting!

  2. Congratulations Valerie and well done. I can remember my Dear Dad's reaction when he first saw a copy of his book (A biography of his mother) which I had published on Lulu, it was so worth all the work I had put into it, he was thrilled. x

  3. is really cool...and you are a great story teller as i would def recommend...smiles.

  4. Oh how fun! And how exciting. I've yet to discover how to use the functions on the darn thing to peruse the bookstore. LOL This might be a good thing since I hoarde books like crazy and have a stack next to the bed of unread ones.
    I don't know what it takes to be published for Kindle--but I'm thinking ya done GOOD! :-)

  5. A HUGE congratulations to you, Valerie!

    You GO, girl!!!!!!

    "There is a certain thrill in seeing my books listed on Amazon, a sort of 'can't believe it' feeling."

    What a THRILL that has to be!!!!

    I will definitely head over to Amazon and check your new one out sometime today!

    Proud of you, dear lady!


  6. Thanks, Denise. yes it is sort of exciting.

    Pearl, I remember you telling me/us about the book you published. Your Dad must have been really thrilled.

    Ooooh Brian, thank you. Don't forget... if anyone asks.... grins.

    Mel, if I were you I would browse on the Amazon site via the computer - most books are listed as Hard or Kindle copies. You can order there - until you suss out the Kindle gadget. Have to say, I haven't yet tried ordering on the gadget :O)

    Hi Ron, thank you. I'm going, I'm going... heehee it feels funny seeing one's name in lights.

  7. That's really neat, Val! Congratulations!!

  8. How exciting! Congratulations!

  9. WooHoo! Congrats on the count. I have a total of (HermanTurnip rolls his eyes up in deep thought, mouths a few numbers, counts his fingers and toes) zero books on Kindle. Dang it.

    I'm both jealous of you, and in awe of your accomplishment!

  10. LOLOL No need to be jealous, Herman, you can do it too. It costs nothing!

  11. Well done Val, they all sound great, especially Feline Capers. Are they only in an ebook format? I'm not an ereader fan but it's getting to be something I think I'll have to cave on soon! ;<)

    I love seeing my books at Amazon too and elsewhere, it is a thrill!

    Happy Weekend, G :<)

  12. Hi Geraldine. Yes, the stories are only on Kindle. In the case of the novels, publishers considered they weren't good enough to put in print. I didn't bother approaching them with anything else. My satisfaction comes with writing and blogging.


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