16 February 2013

Saturday Special

This is a new picture of me entitled 

Since my good friend Ron introduced me to Face in Hole I've been having lots of fun. At first I downloaded the app on the iPad but discovered that I couldn't upload the pictures to the blog. The reason for that was not being able to save the pictures to the computer. Oh I tried, I emailed the pics to myself and saved to the laptop like I do every other picture sent by email ... but Blogger, in it's doubtful wisdom, couldn't put them on the blog. It was a pity because there were pictures that were somewhat mind boggling ... like the one of me pole-dancing!! You can probably thank your lucky stars you missed that one!

I went back to Face in Hole and tried again, this time using the computer. There weren't as many scenarios to choose from and certainly not one of a pole-dancer. Stand up the person who said Aw Shucks! I had loads of different scenarios on the iPad, very interesting ones, too, but everything there is geared to Facebook and Twitter. I could have sent any amount there, but not to the blog. Sometimes technology defeats itself!

Okay I've finished rambling, here are a few more pics. Personally, my favourite is the last one ... it's more natural!!!

Pictures achieved courtesy of Face in Hole

Thank you, Ron


faye said...

Those are all great photos ...
especially the last one...
too cute !!

Have you tried DROPBOX ...
you can 'drop' your photos in
there and then open on any device..
great for sharing photos without the
hassle of e mailing to a lot of people..

I use mine on the phone and ipad and have no problems...

just google DROPBOX it's free

Jenny Woolf said...

Looks like a wonderful site! I will visit it when I have a bit of time to spare... and perhaps a birthday card to make for certain people... :D

Brian Miller said...

haha that last one is cute...for sure...though i would not mind a ride on a maybe i could put my face in that hole...ha...happy saturday

Mel said...

*laughing!!* Ohmygosh--too cute!
I was gonna stand up for the pole dancer one--but I figured you'd kick the crutch out from under me. LOLOL

Oh, what a good time you cooperating or not!

Ron said...


BRAVA, Valerie!!!!!

Everyone of these photo are faaaaaaaaabulous! But I especially love the one of you on the motor cycle. It's FLAWLESS!!!!

You GO, hottie girl!!!!!

And it's interesting to hear that you had more scenarios to choose from on your iPad, rather than your computer because I've only used my computer to create and download the ones I've made.

Isn't Face In Hole FUN????

Thanks for sharing your creations, dear lady. You did GREAT!!!!!


Banker Chick said...

I'll have to look for the app and also check dropbox. We just got a tablet this week.

Joseph Daggatt said...

Do I wish too?
No I like you as you are!

Joseph Daggatt said...

Do I wish too?
No I like you as you are!

Valerie said...

Oh yes, Jenny, birthday cards would be good.

Brian, being a male person you'd have a lot more scope than motor bikes!

Laughing with you, Mel, oh yes. But, honestly I wouldn't kick the crutch...

Thanks, Ron. Yes, it was fun. I was disappointed that there were fewer options compared to the iPad app. Never mind, I got by and at least I can entertain folk by email.... grins.

Joe, I'm saying nothing.... grins.

Banker Chick, I wonder who will use the tablet the most... smiles.

Valerie said...

Faye, I'll reply by email.

mypoeticpath said...

Oh I LOVE them all! You look fabulous daaaarling!!!

Thanks for the smiles Val.

Montanagirl said...

Could you be any funnier?? LOVE this post, Val!!

Star said...

You made me smile Valerie. Those pictures are awesome (as they say in America).

DeniseinVA said...

Thank you Valerie and thank you Ron, I shall download this app on my IPad because I love the photos you've created.

Pat said...

These are hysterical! Love it!