25 February 2013


I'm taking a break from Monday Mirth since there is so much going on with sorting out my aunt's funeral, which is to take place next Monday. It's a good thing I scheduled some posts in advance.

I'm not actually organising the funeral but it has fallen to a few of us to rack our brains about past events and search the old memory boxes for relevant stuff to reveal at the funeral. And what better way to refresh the memory than by looking at photographs. I found this one of Florence in uniform and it took a while to sort out what sort of uniform it was. I knew she was a driver during or just after the war years but couldn't recall who or what for. Studying the picture revealed the letters CD on her uniform pocket and then it dawned on me that she was a member of the Civil Defence. I'm now wishing I knew more about what she did for that organisation. Oh well, regretfully, it's too late now. 

There was one memory that has caused a bit of a laugh so perhaps this is a good day to record it on the blog. 

My family on my father's side was quite spread out. There were six children, three boys and three girls. My father, the first born, was older than the youngest by twenty years. So you see, that's why I'm the oldest cousin and now senior family member. Florence was eleven years old when I was born and since I was the first offspring she took great pleasure in my arrival in the world. Except that one day, while nursing me, she dropped me on my head. As you can imagine, this led to the lifetime joke that the 'niece' was never the same again. 


  1. ha. i have a bit of a similar story...a bump i took young...hope all goes well prepping for the funeral next week...

  2. Only in your case, Brian, the bump doesn't show... grins

  3. *chuckling* Well, that explains a whole lot. ;-)

    Again, I'm sorry for the loss of your aunt. Oh, but what a cool photo and a fun tale to share when folks do get together.
    Have a safe journey.

  4. Oh my gosh, Val. LOL, so that's what's wrong with you??? Grins.


    Faaaaaaaabulous story, Valerie!

    And see, you DID actually share your Monday Mirth :)

    "And what better way to refresh the memory than by looking at photographs."

    I know exactly what you mean because last November when I went home for my mother's memorial, my family and I did the same thing. And what a wonderful feeling that was.

    LOVE the photograph you shared of your aunt Florence!

    Have a wonderful week, dear lady!

    Sending ya a BIG cyber hug....

    ((((((((( You ))))))))))


  6. Thanks Mel. I really didn't want people to think I was NORMAL...grins.

    Hey Mona, you can go off people, you know.... lol.

    I did do a Monday Mirth, didn't I, Ron? Silly me! Heehee I didn't have to prepare it, though, it was ready made!

  7. You're right, photos do bring back a lot of memories. Bump on the head? Not going there Valerie, whose to say whose normal in this world anyhow, hehehe ;) Your aunt looked very smart in her uniform. I do love the old photos. I'll be thinking of you all next Monday, and sending a big hug.

  8. At times like this, when you're grieving, learning about the past can bring about a smile when you most need it. Great post!

  9. You are too funny...
    glad you have such fond memories
    of your Aunt.

  10. LOL, thanks for sharing this part of your family story Val. And I love the photo! :<)


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