10 February 2013

Sunday Scenes

Pictures taken in Quebec 2004

Don't ask, I just like taking shots of doorways!

Cruise passengers listening to tour guide  
How great is this? NO! It is NOT a building; it is a mural ON a building.
Same again. Doesn't it look REAL? 
Not sure what this place was. Like I said, I just adore taking shots of doorways! 
Let's take a snap of each other!
Proof that I never listen to tour guides. I always want to SEE rather than listen. Joe listens and I ask questions later!


  1. smiles...well you came up with some cool doorways...haha....oh its hard to listen with all that visual stimulation

  2. Great photos Valerie. Yes I like doorways too and I loved that mural.

  3. Amazing mural, beautiful doorways--and I fear they'd have to send out search parties for me on a tour. LOL (oh, and lovely doorways! ;-) )

  4. love it ..
    and I am the same way .. pointless
    for me to take a guided tour..
    I am too busy exploring on my own.

  5. Brian, you're right... even if I'd stood there listening I wouldn't have taken it all in. I do like to wander round with the camera!

    Pearl, the mural was unbelievable. It took a while to believe it to be a mural.

    Denise, thanks. I'll be along to see you shortly.

    Mel, a search party has been known, but not for me... grins.

    Faye, that's the trouble with cruise excursions, there's always a tour guide... grins.

  6. I listen to the basics on tours but then I am off to explore.

  7. Banker Chick, you do better than me...grins.

  8. That mural is soooo real! What a talent to have, to be able to paint something like that...

  9. "Don't ask, I just like taking shots of doorways!"

    Meeeee too, Valerie! There is something so cool about how various doors look different. Especially older, historical doors.

    Beautiful photos! Anytime I see an image of Quebec it reminds me of Europe.

    That mural is BEYOND amazing!!!

    Happy Sunday, dear lady....X

  10. Hi Ron. There is definitely something fascinating about doors... who lives there, what's it like inside.... that sort of thing, but historical doors are something else. I just love to see those.

    Ooooh I never thought of Quebec as being like Europe. I like to think of it as 'just up the road' from America... grins.

  11. I had to do a double-take when you stated "Doesn't it look real?" I thought, of course it's real. They're buildings and....oh, wait. *Now* I see. (forehead slap) Good one! You got me :-) Heh...

  12. Hi Herman. I'm glad you did a double-take and saw the REAL mural... smiles.

  13. Ooh, another enjoyable trip! I like photos of doors.
    We have murals on buildings in nearby Philadelphia, however, nothing quite like those. The painted buildings look very realistic.


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