17 February 2013

Sunday Scenes

Random shots taken on the cruise to the US and Canada 2004

This is my favourite picture of all time. The skyline is incredible. 
Same view taken further away

The next few pics taken at sea 


Brian Miller said... that skyline as well..been a year since i was in the city...i miss it...

Valerie said...

We would love to go back there, Brian. Trouble is, now that we're older, it would entail too much walking!

Ron said...

"This is my favourite picture of all time. The skyline is incredible."

And I can see why, Valerie!

What a magnificent shot of my favorite city in the U.S.!

And the ones of the sea are magnificent as well - WOW!

Thanks for sharing, dear lady!

Have a great Sunday!


Valerie said...

It's my favourite city in the US too, Ron. So much so, I went twice. First on a shopping weekend and then on the cruise - both in the same year. Wonderful.

Montanagirl said...

Nice! I agree, that first shot of the skyline is my favorite too!

DeniseinVA said...

You've been to some wonderful places around the world Valerie. I really enjoy seeing photos from your travels.

CrystalChick said...

Very nice scenes, thanks for sharing.
You've seen some wonderful things during your travels.
Happy Sunday!

Mel said...

Wow. What awesome photos ma'am! And how graced to visit twice in a year.
Pretty shots of that sea. Thanks for sharing them with us.

faye said...

wonderful skyline shot..

Hope the weekend was pleasant..
Monday looms.... bring on the
MIRTH ... please !

Pat said...

Very nice shots! Enjoyed!