23 February 2013


Elizabeth Arden’s Good Morning Serum is a product I use every day and I love it. It so suits my skin. So imagine my horror when I went to buy some more and was told that it was out of stock. In fact it was out of stock for several months and the sales person had no idea why. Diane is a top notch sales person who I feel should have been aware of all the facts. She's really dedicated to Elizabeth Arden, in fact she now goes round the WIs talking and demonstrating. Last year, knowing I was a WI member, she asked how she could ‘get known’ in WI circles. I was pleased to give her the information about contacting head office and getting herself listed in the Year Book. Now she’s so busy she has to juggle her work with her appointments.

Desperate for more GMS I searched the internet for supplies ... and found what I was looking for.  Same price, no delivery charge! Needless to say I bought some, then I bought some more, and even more over the next few months, until one day I happened to be in the store and Diane told me they had some in stock, renamed Visible Difference Good Morning Retexturizer, and in a new container, but still the same product. And guess what? The newly packaged product was cheaper than before. Whoopee, I thought, things looked decidedly brighter.

New container (on the left ) and the (now) old one
Note the transparent case compared to the new push-button style container. To my mind, not a good move. With the see-through vial I knew at a glance when the product was running out, unlike the new model which hides the contents so well I don’t know whether it’s full or empty until I press the lever, so to speak. Definitely not a good move! You see, I am an organised sort of person. So much so that when I see a product coming to an end I buy a replacement next time I go shopping. I can’t do that when the end isn’t in sight, can I?

The original container was unique as well as convenient for the customer. The replacement is ordinary. Is this the manufacturer’s way of making money out of the customer, seeing that there is bound to be some of the product left at the bottom which the user cannot remove or even see, which makes her rush out and buy more? There she is one morning, making herself look gorgeous, when viola... one empty container and nothing in the cosmetic bag. The manufacturer gets rich quick, the user gets in a state because she can’t immediately get to the shops. The answer, therefore, is obvious, buy two vials next time, one to use and one in stock ... except the price they charge for this can’t-do-without product is not favourable when it’s doubled.  

The transparent vial product is still available on the internet so I intend to purchase GMS that way until stocks run out. 

As one reviewer put it......

This stuff is freaking amazing! I have just tried this, and it has pushed my skin up a whole nother notch! I am a 56 yr old grandmother, but my skin is backing up in years with this serum! Wrinkles less noticeable, sun spots totally fading, just beautiful, healthy skin. My new "must not be without" product. I LOVE!


  1. Mirror mirror on the wall!
    Lets face it I think you are lovely anyhow x

  2. sounds like a good product...too bad as well on the change of its container...the see through container def sounds more convenient...def good to know when you are running out...

  3. Don'tcha just cringe when the 'ol standby' suddenly disappears?! Yeah, it's probably about marketing and branding and the cash flow. Usually is.....but what a treat to know they'd not vetoed the whole product. *whew* I've had that happen and that's worse than a changed package.

  4. The worse scenario is when I seem to be the only one using something great and they reformulate or take it off the market altogether. I love the internet you can find anything, the best is when it is free shipping. Have a great weekend.

  5. Valerie, as you know, I used to work for Elizabeth Arden while I was still living in Florida and LOVED their products. Therefore, I know the one you speak of here and think it's awesome!

    ", unlike the new model which hides the contents so well I don’t know whether it’s full or empty until I press the lever, so to speak. Definitely not a good move!"

    I agree, definitely not a good move, but they do that for the reason you's the manufacture's way of making money from the customer because they end up buying MORE in fear of running out.

    One of my favorite EA products is Prevage!

    Have a super Saturday, dear lady!


  6. Hi Brian, it is a good product and that's why I've been grateful for internet shopping.... smiles.

    Mel, Ooooh I hate it when lines are discontinued... without consultation with customers. What a cheek, eh?

    Hi Ron, I remember you telling us about your connection with Elizabeth Arden. I have tried Prevage but it doesn't suit my skin ... which stays sticky all day when Prevage and others are used. I have tried Nivea Soft on your recommendation, and that seems to be okay. Thank you for that.

  7. good thing you found the product on line

    seems I just get use to a product and then it is discontinued.....

  8. I hate it when manufacturers change a well loved product, it's so annoying.

  9. So do I, Pearl. Only this time the product itself remained the same.


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