30 November 2011

Christmas Grotto

I had a shock this morning when I logged on to Yahoo ... a man dressed in an orange t-shirt danced across my laptop screen. Don't laugh. I'm deadly serious. I thought it was something to do with an advert and tried to find it again ... nothing. I promise you I was/am as sober as a judge and wide awake. Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing?

Anyway, back to the theme of this post. Ignore the post date, it's 1st December and Christmas is not so very far away. As you see I've gone all festive. It's one way to get me in the mood for the holiday season... hopefully.

Children will soon be queuing up to see Santa in his grotto

And Birmingham is sparkling


  1. Hold back the season - I am not ready yet!

  2. ha looks like a def fun place...all the bright colors too i bet kids love it...

  3. Lovely! I need something to get me in the Chrsitmas mood :-)

  4. Oh yes--decorations abound!

    I came home to twinkling snowflakes on the porch and an 8' penguin in the yard. LOL Let the season begin!!

  5. Hey! I was wearing an orange T shirt yesterday. You don't think...could it possibly... no surely not. If it was me I do apologise. Did he have a beard? Was he wearing a kilt?

  6. LOVE your holiday themed template, Valerie!

    It's soooooo awesomely festive!!!!!


    "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....everywhere you go..."

    Great video!

    Happy Christmas holidays, dear lady!

    And in Mel's words...."Let the season begin!"

    Have a FAB day.....X

  7. Great post Valerie, enjoyed your photos and the video. Remember shopping in Birmingham with my mum and sister back in the day. I also remember catching a bus with mum's wive's group and driving 'all the way to Birmingham' - it seemed like a long, long drive to me back then - to see the movie version of South Pacific. Lovely memories of Birmingham.

  8. Thanks for all your comments. I hope you are now in the mood for Christmas! Had to smile at John's comment about the man who ran across my laptop screen. No, John, it definitely wasn't you. However, I have since heard that this might be a scam ...something attached to an advert on Yahoo. It was scary so I hope it doesn't happen again.

  9. That header shot would make me put on calories just looking at. It looks like a busy place to shop. I didn't see any dancing people but sometimes the Yahoo does do that and you only get to see it once.

  10. Now what were ya smokin' this mornin'? Heeehehehe!!!

    What a wonderful post to welcome in December!

    Have a blessed and beautiful day sweetie!!! :o)

  11. I'm almost ready! LOVE your Header photos. That's a pretty delicious looking layout there! I'm feeling better today, so that helps. Thanks for your kind comment.

  12. I always thought aliens were little green men....hahahahaha

    Like your Christmas photos!

  13. How cow! That's more sparkles than you can shake a drunken elf at. :-)


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