25 November 2011


It was an awful day and I’m not referring to the weather. It was Wednesday. Nothing ever goes wrong on a Wednesday. Until now! Wednesday of this week was the day my hair was cut too short and the doctor decided to retire. It’s so upsetting.

Let me start at the beginning, at the hairdressers.

I always have an early appointment to facilitate parking the car. I have strong objections to parking it half an hour's walk away, especially if it's raining.

It was 8.50 am, a quiet time in that area. In fact I was ten minutes early but my stylist (who owns the shop) beckoned me in. She was busy dealing with her phone messages, writing notes, making return calls, that sort of thing. Just after nine she was ready to perform wonders on my hair.

Suitably clad in the latest Paris creation (a black cape and white towel) she sets to with the scissors. Two minutes later, the phone rings. I need to tell you here that this is a small salon with two stylists and sometimes a junior. I think the junior must go to college on Wednesdays. Dawn (second stylist) hadn’t arrived so Jackie (my hairdresser) had no choice but to answer the phone. I waited.

Okay, so she finished on the phone and came back to me. Two seconds later, the phone rings again. Off she went to the reception desk, while I waited.

Cutting a long story short the phone must have rung a dozen or more times before Dawn arrived. I spent a lot of time on the iPhone playing Scrabble … anything to suppress the mounting anger.

Then some of Jackie’s family arrived, daughter and son-in-law plus young granddaughter. Time was taken up with greetings and ushering the new arrivals to the upstairs flat.

Ha…. I felt we were getting somewhere.

Jackie settled down to sort out my hair which I felt must by now be standing on end. Out came the scissors and in walked Jackie’s husband. He’s got one of those ‘man’ problems and he’d been for test results at the hospital. Naturally we all wanted to know the latest position with his health.

I waited!

Apparently it was husband’s birthday as well so granddaughter had to give him lots of love … in the salon. While I waited. When it was time for them to leave Jackie’s dog decided he wanted to go with them so he had to be caught and told he couldn’t go. Now he’s a young dog, able to run rings round humans. You can imagine the scene.

I too was barking mad by this time and trying very hard to control it, after all I didn’t want to walk outside looking like I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards.

Well, eventually I had Jackie’s full attention but by this time she had forgotten where she’d got to in the cutting process. Off went the hair, en bloc, or so it seemed when I looked in the mirror.

I spent the rest of the day almost in tears. I was absolutely certain that I would look a right mess for the WI Christmas lunch the next day. As luck had it, I was able to perform miracles. I didn’t look too bad at all but I was very ‘gel’d up’ at the lunch, sort of spiky.

What else could go wrong, I asked myself.

I didn’t have to wait long. In the afternoon the neighbours announced that the doctor, MY doctor, was retiring at Christmas. How flippin’ dare he? I was/am appalled by the news. He was the one who told me to go back and see him around Christmastime for a check-up. No mention of retirement! I’ve made a rapid appointment to see him before he goes and I shall give him a piece of my mind. You know how much I adore my doctor. Now I’m wondering if all those loyal years have ceased to mean anything to him? I am distraught.

I blame his doctor wife. She retired earlier this year. I heard all about her joining the WI. She’s probably gone all spiteful and persuaded him to retire as well. Women!

The very idea of going to someone new, someone I have to learn to trust, is not doing my indigestion any good. My Guy feels the same and apparently so do the neighbours. This is terrible, it’s worse than having my hair cut too short. I can’t go on folks, it’s too upsetting.


  1. oh goodness...perhaps you should go back to sleep and start fresh again...i know the feeling on the doc...on the hair, i figure no matter what they do it will grow back, right?

  2. As I was reading your story about your experience with your hairstylist, I was getting angry myself. I use to be a hairstylist, so I can totally understand having to answer the phone, especially if she didn't have a receptionist. However, she should have focused on your cut, NOT her family when they came in the salon. How unprofessional! It's no wonder she forgot where she left off in the cutting process.

    Well, the good thing is that your hair will grow, and I'm glad to hear that you were able to perform miracles with gel; spiking it up! Hey, you might even find that you like it shorter. But, I would definitely mention something to her about your previous experience the next time you have your hair cut because that was just plain WRONG.

    And yikes, I'm so sorry to hear about your doctor retiring because I would feel the same way if my dentist did. It's so hard to find and doctor or dentist you trust and feel comfortable with.

    Anyway, dear lady, I hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend.


  3. I got a haircut this week too but, mine went a lot better. The lady who does my hair is going to be out in March to have her baby. At least, I got a warning. I'll most likely forget it. Your haircut looks good if it is the picture on the side.

  4. That's a good idea, Brian. You're right, of course, about the hair.

  5. The thing is, Ron, that I'm going for a slightly longer style after years of having it very short. Too short means the style is completely wrong.
    But you're right, it will go. In the meantime gel and I will get it sorted. I intend to tell the stylist next time and I agree with you that it was all very unprofessional. If she wasn't so good (normally) I would change. There's no cure for the doc upset unless his replacement is remarkable.

  6. Thanks for the compliment, Dan. I hope you're keeping well these days.

  7. Hello lovely lady, like you I would be devastated if my doctor retired, can't imagine life without him although he is bound to one of these days.....scary!
    I'm sure your hair looks great spiky, bet you look 10 years younger.....:-)Hugs

  8. Oh boy--bad haircuts I can deal with. It's hair, it grows.

    Retiring doctors? Notsomuch. It took me years and YEARS to train the one I have. :-/

    I do commend your ability to sit on your hands to prevent strangulation of others. I could learn from you. LOL

  9. Poor you! with the hairdo I mean. I know how that feels = to be the least important one there. After all, you're only the customer.
    ... Imagine how I felt when my doctor died! How dare he die on me? Poor man, he is so badly missed. Now I often get a different doctor each time I go. All the women want a woman doctor so she's always busy and the men come and the men go.
    I do sympathise.
    Treat yourself to a nice big box of chocolates. You have my permission.

  10. Star, oooh thanks. Chocolate would be good right now. Sorry to hear about your doctor; at least I might see mine out and about.

  11. Both these things are a real blow to the even running of life, I'm not surprised you felt upset. The good thing about hair is that it does gtrow again quite fast, thank goodness. always too fast, actually, when you feel you've only just had a cut it's time for another one. As for the doc retiring though - that's sad. I hope his replacement is as good.

  12. We have a wonderful hairstylist but her shop is sometimes nothing but drama. She can generally juggle four things at the same time and always gives a good cut but to some customers it has to be a little unnerving.
    Even though my doctor's office has some unpleasantries, I've been going there for many years and would be very upset if he retired early.
    I'm sure your hair looks nice even if a bit short. It'll grow back.

  13. Remind me to tell you of the story of the hairstylist who seemed to want to tree my head like a bonsai tree creation lol

    Sorry to hear about your crazy experience.


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