27 November 2011

Monday Mirth

From the church newsletter:

A woman goes to the post office to buy stamps for her Christmas cards.
'I'd like 100 stamps' she says.
'What denomination,' asks the clerk.
'Oh, for Pete's sake, has it really come to this?' complains the woman. 'Well, okay, give me 50 Catholic, 10 Baptist, 20 Methodist, and 20 Presbyterian.'


  1. Love the joke - and as for Bob Newhart, he was always one of my favourites.

  2. *chuckling* Yup, I enjoyed both. Ty ty ty!!

  3. Glad you enjoyed it, Alan.

    Mel, you always make me smile. Ty!

  4. my town not too far off...smiles...

  5. Valerie, that joke was HILARIOUS!!!! FUNNY!

    And of course, I so enjoyed the video of one of my favorite comedians - BOB NEWHART!!!!

    Thanks for the great Monday morning Mirth, dear lady!

    Have a MARVI Monday!


  6. Brian. Not too close, I hope.

    Ron, I thought a little humour might be appropriate after reading about the 'shark'.

  7. Hehehehe....*whew*. Love me some Newhart! Thanks for the Monday laugh! I really look forward to these :-)

  8. Didn't watch the Bob Newhart video but I did like the newsletter joke. Very funny.

  9. I remember watching Bob Newhart often. Always funny :) Love his delivery of a line.

  10. This was great! I called my husband into the room so he could enjoy it too! Oh, and loved the joke, too!


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