26 November 2011

Sunday Scene

Photographers-in-waiting. This group of happy snappers on board ship waited at the entrance to the dining room. They would later move in to hassle the evening diners to stop eating and have their pictures taken. This was one of the theme nights when everyone was supposed to wear fancy dress. My opinion was that I looked fancy enough without adding to the overall image. I must have been first down the stairs to get this shot, and I would have been followed by a hundred others ... more or less.


  1. makes me wish i was back on a cruise ship....i remember these guys...

  2. It must be so annoying to have your meal interrupted like that.

  3. GREAT capture, Valerie!

    LOVE the fancy dress!

    Oh, what FUN that must have been!

    And can you believe I've never been on a cruise?

    Have a FAB Sunday, dear lady!


  4. Brian, sometimes I wish I was back on board.

    Pearl, some folk likef it but not me.

    Ron, I hope you get a chance to go sailing one day. I think you would love it.

  5. Never been on a cruise ship but I've been approached by people like this at festivals and such. BACK AWAY! I DO have my own camera, thankyouverymuch!!

  6. I have only been crew on a cruise ship. Not allowed to talk to passengers, not posh enough.

  7. There are hats, and then there are HATS!

    Heh...looks like a good time, even if they interrupted your dining experience. :-)

  8. Help, they look a bit threatening lying in wait there. I think I'd have stayed in my room ! :)

  9. Been on two cruises... never again! Not for reasons of bothersome photographers though. I do remember them at different locations but they didn't seem too pushy.
    I like the fancy dress!


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