17 March 2012

St Patrick's Day

This post is a day late. I didn't get the pictures in time to pop them on here yesterday.

Maybe festive isn't the right word to describe St Patrick's Day but that's what it felt like when we walked into the pub yesterday. First impression was a dark interior as though there had been a power cut and they were using candles to guide us in. In fact, it was green lighting that gave it a sort of spooky look.

Being slow witted I didn't catch on until I saw the girls in green outfits.
This is one of them bringing our fish and chips. She has a lovely smile, don't you think? I asked if I could put her picture on the blog and she asked 'what's a blog?' I told her, and then hubs told her that her picture would be sailing round the world in no time. She didn't mind.

Here she is again with one of her colleagues

The fish and chips were good too!

and finally

an Irish joke

Sean visits the West of Ireland on a cold, grey, drizzly day. The weather remains the same for two weeks. Exasperated, Sean stops a little boy in the street. 'Does the weather here ever change?' he asks.
'I don't know,' replies the boy, 'I'm only six.'


  1. Looks like a friendly pub! Hope you enjoyed the meal! Thanks for visiting my blog. I really enjoy reading John's witty ramblings and look forward to following your posts!

  2. They look so happy! Friendly people always make a meal taste better! Good green too! I'm not Irish, but Happy St Patricks Weekend!

  3. Hi Paul, nice to see you here. Yes thanks, the meal was good. Hubs and I go there every Saturday for their 'special' fish and chips.

    Marthaamay, you're right about happy people making food taste better. Strange how it works but true. I'm not Irish either although I did once have an Irish connection.

  4. ha fun joke...and def looks like they made the most of the some good fish n chips...i got my wife a pinch as she forgot to wear green for a bit....smiles.

  5. Love the pics and the joke. HAPPY ST PAT'S DAY for yesterday. x

  6. Glad you had a good St Pat's day, My mom us to do a cornbeef and cabbage pot for the day. Mr BC said he married me for my Mom.

  7. Love this... your photos and the joke..

    I saw some very weird outfits yesterday
    but didn't get any photos.. too busy

    How was the green beer ??

  8. Looks like you had a good Paddy's Day Valerie. Hmmm ... Fish & Chips sounds nice! I went to the parade in Dublin with some Chinese friends and we had Irish Stew afterwards in The Bull & Castle. The atmosphere was brilliant, the rain stayed away. But we didn't sample the Green Beer - the Irish Stew was enough of a culture shock for the Chinese :)

  9. I didn't wear green either, Brian.

    And the same to you, Pearl, plus best wishes for Mothers Day.

    Banker Chick, your Mom knew the best way to a man's heart...grins.

    Didn't taste any green beer, Faye.

    Hey Blogaire, I hope your Chinese friends liked the Irish Stew?

  10. Looks like you had a FABULOUS St. Patrick's Day, Valerie!

    And your description of the pub is exactly like the Irish pub that's located about a block from where I live. It's called, McGillians, and they have the BEST burgers and fries! Yesterday, it was PACKED with people in green t-shirts and hats!

    LOVED the Irish joke!

    Happy Sunday, dear lady!


  11. Hi Ron, the pub wasn't crowded at lunchtime but I imagine it fairly rocked in the evening.
    We went into an Irish pub at Bar Harbor and had the most fabulous chips (fries) - they were dark brown but not burnt and tasted wonderful.

  12. How nice to see such friendly smiles.

  13. Sounds like a great place! Love the photos and the joke. And, no, the weather doesn't change much. The Irish have different words to describe the rain.

  14. Yeah, St. Patrick's Day seemed to have snuck up on use this year. Not being a big drinker, I didn't have plans to hit any bars downtown.

    "I'm only six" Bwahaha! Great one!

  15. Looks like a fun pub... loved the pics :-)

  16. Hi Susan, I'm curious - what do the Irish call rain?

    Thanks Diane. I believe it is a fun pub in the evening.

  17. That joke is only too true! :)


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