25 March 2014

Those were the days, my friend... we thought would never end!

Video seen on Herman's blog that I couldn't resist sharing

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  1. haha...its wonderful that we are so much safer these days...perhaps it is the reason for the worlds over population...ha

  2. That is a GREAT video, and it should be shown in every classroom in America!! Thank you for sharing this, Valerie my friend.How is Joe doing??

  3. Valerie, I loved watching this video again! And I when I first saw it over at Herman's, I missed the part about how Facebook back then meant a FACE and BOOK - HA!

    Have a terrific Tuesday!

    X to you and Joe!

  4. That was WONDERFUL! Thanks Valerie!
    BTW, I tried looking for those grumpy old grouches but it is still a mystery. No one seems to know who they are.

  5. Brian, I fancy we have more tragedies now than we ever did then. Or perhaps my memory is failing yet again?

    Mona. I agree. I must do another update on Joe, in fact I'll get to work on it right now.

    Ron, like you I just watched it again. It so takes me back.

    Denise, I wonder if the name grouch meant something else entirely, creature rather than human maybe? Grouch also means grouse, according to my dictionary.

  6. Sometimes DD1 will be a little over the top with the grandsons....and I want to shout....How did we ever get YOU to adulthood. And of course how did Mr BC and I ever make it as well.

  7. I agree with this (I was born 1987, so i still fit in with the old ways). Today everything is very protective, but then again the times have changed as well...

    Mersad Donko Photography

  8. I found myself watching this video yet again when I came across your post! Heh...

  9. Ohmygoodness. I qualify. :-/

  10. Oh this was soooo wonderful!

    And so much of it, I could relate to, having grown up in the 60's-70's.

    We did play all day and into the night. We did eat junk but burned it off, pronto. There were literally NO fat kids (or kids with diabetes, I knew one).

    How sad that this current generation is missing out on so much fun that was the norm just a short time ago. As First Lady Michelle Obama said recently, "we needed to be called in, to come home at night, we were always outside"

    How sweet those memories still are.

    Thanks Val!

  11. Geraldine, you're right about everything. Freedom was wonderful for us kids, despite the war, in my case. It's such a shame that they're now driven everywhere and are not allowed to play out. Sadly yet we can understand why.


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