01 September 2012

Fox brings unwanted gifts

Since the fox keeps leaving presents I'm wondering if it’s in appreciation for allowing him to sunbathe at the bottom of the garden, or gratitude for the peanuts put out for jays and squirrels. 

I can’t say I appreciate the gifts, I mean a tatty pair of gardening gloves and a couple of tennis balls aren’t something to rave over. In the long grass of the wild patch I’ve found empty but well-chewed packets that once held chocolate biscuits, polo mint wrappers, a battered box of fish fingers (minus the contents), and the occasional blackcurrant drinks carton.  I don't want those either. Oh my goodness, you’d think he would invite us to his little feasts, wouldn’t you?

If the fox really wanted to please me, he should leave something I could actually use. A few trinkets instead of worn out gloves would be appreciated, or maybe the odd pound note or two. I’m not fussy, either way.

There’s a thought: do people throw money away? I frequently hear the expression it’s like throwing money down the drain ... perhaps some throw it in the bin instead!

What is left of our domestic rubbish (after putting aside recycling stuff) is tied up in black bags, most times bags within bags, and placed in the bin with a secure lid. I defy the fox to get in there.

I can only think the animal is sifting through someone’s rubbish bin and I would dearly like to know the location of that bin in order to tell the owners where their trash is disappearing to. Or even explain that there’s a fox on the loose. We did have some new neighbours in recent months and as the gift-giving is a fairly new venture I reckon the bin and rubbish belongs to them. But how to prove it and how to complain without proof? Oh well, maybe one day I’ll pluck up the courage to knock on the door. 


  1. Lovely post Valerie. I think you should treasure these presents for what they are. Who knows, one day you might see something you really do want. The pictures are lovely. I'm quite jealous but I also know that they are noisy and quite destructive. They have their place in the world, the same as we do. Always best to look on the bright side, isn't it!

  2. We have foxes here, but I've never seen one in town or in our yard. Yours is a bold little critter!

  3. maybe you should leave him a note with your may end up on the porch of whoevers bin he is raiding and they will leave them for him as well...ha....

  4. "or maybe the odd pound note or two. I’m not fussy, either way."

    Bwhahahahhaha! Oh, that CRACKED ME UP, Valerie!!!

    And I'm also laughing at all the interesting things he's left for you - gloves and tennis balls!?

    I clicked to enlarge the photos so that I could get a good look at him. still amazes me that you actually have a fox in your own backyard. As Star shared, I'm quite jealous too. He's adorable!

    Hope you're enjoying a super Saturday, dear lady!


  5. Star, our foxes are quiet. They're the sneaky Yes, they do have a place in the world... that's what I tell myself when I see the feathers of birds he's taken for food.

    Mona, the foxes here have become quite urbanised.

    Brian, that's a good idea. I'll wrap the note in cling film so it doesn't get wet in the rain. I'd hate to miss an opportunity because of wet weather .... grins.

    Ron, you know what they say ... if you don't ask, you don't get. As a matter of fact have at least three foxes visit the garden, I've seen mum and two cubs. The cubs sometimes come together for a play but mostly they come alone.

  6. Never heard of foxes getting into the trash before but I guess they can be viewed as opportunists like our raccoon's. A bit of a nuisance for you. We used to have the crows attacking our white trash bags but we changed over to black and after that they left them alone.

  7. We have squirrels that come up on the porch to get the sunflower seed the birds drop from the feeder. We also have a woodchuck under our shed who is shy and does not care for the dogs.

  8. It is interesting that he is hanging around. It may be a nice open yard is a great place, a safe place, to eat things he has stolen from your neighbors.

  9. You have a wonderful lush green courtyard Valerie..but beware of your new guest cause they cause much destruction and sometimes harm human too..

  10. A gift-giving fox. What could be better than that? You are blessed!

  11. Wow what a lovely shade of green..........and what fun to have a visiting fox!

    Could be worse--trash, non-issue if you ask me. Dead, gutted rabbit on the back patio.....ISSUE!!

    Prezzie from a feral cat in the area..... I am not amused.....

  12. We have a fox or two and they never leave anything... just take...
    I am sure they took off with the little bunny that use to visit at night.

    maybe you could train him to bring money... instead of the golden goose you have a .. well... FOX

  13. There are too many dogs around my house to where a fox would come around. But, there is a grey fox whose territory is about a mile from my house. I seen him a couple times late at night.


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