02 September 2012

Sunday Scenes

A flavour of Porto Moniz


An English Shepherd said...

Hiya, some lovely scenes :-)

Brian Miller said...

that is pretty it a lion on the hill there? portugal right?

Valerie said...

Brian, it is the area's coat of arms ... in Madeira.

Montanagirl said...

What a great bunch of Sunday Scenes!! Thank you for sharing with us!

Ron said...

Beautiful photos, Valerie!

The second one down of the mountain tops is stunning! Is that a restaurant (the yellow building) in the seventh photo down? What a stunning view!

The town itself is so charming.

Thanks for sharing, dear lady!


Valerie said...

Hi Ron. I believe it was a restaurant, although we didn't have time to check it out. Shame, that. It would be good rsting there and looking at the view.

I loved the quaint shops there, they were definitely designed to browse in.