29 September 2012

Things That Amaze Me

Kindle, iPhone, iPad, and Cloud. All these things amaze me. 

I like a bit of a read while I have breakfast and this morning was no exception. Almost at the end of a chapter in Peter James book, Denial, my Kindle battery suddenly failed. Damn! There was nothing for it but to charge it up. Then a thought occurred to me that Kindle was also on the iPad. I went to look.

It was there all right, thanks to the amazing Cloud facility.  I finished the chapter that way but not until I had answered the question:  you had reached page 23, do you want to go to that location? 

Yes, please.

During a discussion with hubs I remembered that Kindle was also on the iPhone and found the book was there too. Again courtesy of Cloud! I was asked the same question, only this time I was even given the time I had reached the specific location, 8.23.


Now I completely understand that the picture of a cloud does not represent the cloud I’m talking about. But I ask you, how else can I describe something so invisible. I can’t even tell you what Cloud is, except to say that it is something technical that operates in mysterious ways. I mean, I don’t even understand how wifi works. I’m relying on the fact that one of my knowledgeable readers will be able to explain.


They say that Big Brother watches us ... I'm wondering if he lives somewhere in the clouds.

Sometimes I feel that whatever I do Cloud will know about it. Maybe it lurks in toilets or hides in kitchen cupboards.  I imagine one day the recipe for the meal I’m cooking will find its way to all my gadgets. Seriously though, how clever does it have to get before I panic?


  1. You are blessed with a good sense of humor, Valerie! I love gadgets and they amaze me, too.

    I don't know if I will be able to explain it to you well, but let me try. iCloud allows you to access your contacts, music, photos, docs, and other contents from any iOS device or Mac. It is integrated into your apps. For example, let's say you wanted to download a song on your iPhone using iTunes. The moment you tap download, the song will not only be downloaded into your iPhone, but will also be downloaded to your other devices automatically. No need to sync, the transfer is automatic and wireless so it's easier.

    I love what you said about the other cloud :)

  2. Hi Lea. Thank you for the explanation. Technology is a wonderful thing and I wouldn't be without it now.

  3. I love your humor Valerie. A fun post to start my day with.

  4. haha beware the cloud....there has got to be a story or movie in that....smiles...but they are watching, learning about least that is what they say....

  5. The wonders of modern technology! :)

  6. Ummm...I'll go with what Lea says, though I must admit I was going to say MAGIC! :-)

    Yes, I'm sure it's more techical than that--I just prefer to be amazed.

    Happy weekend, ma'am. I do hope you have nice weather to enjoy it in.

  7. What a great explaination Lea gave. I find technology facinating. I'm back from California and back online.

  8. "Sometimes I feel that whatever I do Cloud will know about it. Maybe it lurks in toilets or hides in kitchen cupboards."

    HA! Valerie, that cracked me up!!!

    Since I don't have a kindle, iPhone, or iPad, I had no idea what Cloud could be. Glad Lea stopped by and explained. Now we know!

    And it's so ironic you posted something about your iPhone because I was talking to a close friend in Florida last night, and she just recently got one and LOVES it! She tried desperately to convince me to get one too! She said, "This is something you MUST have because it does everything!"

    I'm tempted, but I fear if I got one I'd never get off the Internet - HA!

    Have a faaaaaaabulous Saturday, dear lady!


  9. Hi Banker Chick. Good to see you back again. I agree with you about technology.

  10. Hi Ron, I promise you that if you had an iPhone you would become addicted to it. Maybe you're the wisest one of all.

  11. Hi Pearl, yes, these gadgets are wonderful things.

    Brian, I hope someone else writes the story... I would be totally lost writing about technology. It is true, everyone knows everything about us now. There is NO escape.

  12. Message from My Guy says:

    Some people have their 'head in the clouds'. Others see 'dark clouds on the horizon'. The APPLE cloud was first discovered by Isaac Newton!!!

  13. The cloud is a wonderful thing - it helped you out in a bind!

  14. It certainly did, Pat. Think what a wait I would have had waiting for the battery to charge

  15. This reminds me that I should charge my Kindle before I turn my wireless on again, the battery sure lasts longer with the wireless off.

    The cloud confuses me also, I hear the term but always think of the sky :)

  16. I am so addicted to my tekkie toys that
    I can not imagine being stranded without
    having one or two nearby.

    Love my ipad and iphone.. tho I wish they would do a major upgrade on the
    cameras.. meed more megapixels !!

  17. Oooh Jimmy, I never think to turn my wireless off. Thanks for the reminder.

  18. Hey Valerie lovely is really amazing and I do agree with you that a day will come when the recipe for the meal you cooking will find its way to all your gadgets..:D


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