08 September 2012

That was the week, that was

This week we splashed out for some new curtains, both nets and main. The old nets on the two road-facing windows were made of pure cotton which certain moths took a liking to. I was appalled when I took then down to wash and saw how much they’d eaten, it took me all my time to remove the wires because the cotton threads were so entangled. We live in a fairly narrow road so people in opposite houses are able to see right into the front bedroom. You can see why net curtains are essential. I’d hate to think people were peering at the body beautiful.

We decided to replace the main curtains as well. Not an easy task when all the curtain shops have ceased to exist. I didn’t fancy ordering on line, I mean how can you feel the quality when you buy that way? A friend told me about The Range, a recently opened store fairly near to where we live. We went to explore.  What an amazing place that was, I don’t think there was anything they didn’t sell. The array of curtains was vast, reasonable quality and respectably priced. My Guy is an accountant so he’s acutely aware of costs but he couldn’t believe the prices.

Now for the decorating! 

We have accepted the quote for a professional decorator to do the kitchen, lounge and hall, for starters! Whilst appreciating that these jobs need doing, I dread the upheaval. Wouldn’t it be good if we could move out while the jobs are done?

The lounge is a sunless room and always seems very dark, so we’ve decided to go with white walls. We’ll have the new style anaglypta (can’t remember the name of it) so that future decorating will just be coats of paint. Next in line for the lounge is to change the style of lighting ... ssshhh I haven’t broached that subject yet.

a dish of smothered chicken

Saturday we had our usual lunch out at the Horse and Jockey, an Ember Inns establishment.  I had smothered chicken and himself had the gammon, both served with chips and peas. 

I have just discovered that they now do a take-away service which should make a nice change from the local chippie. Not that I want to go down that route, but it's worth knowing ... just in case.

We have got to know a couple of the barmaids quite well although one of them recently left to return to her homeland, Australia. Chatting to the girl she left behind we discovered that she had been in communication with her friend, using her mobile phone, for free. What?

Apparently Skype isn’t the only freebee phone facility, now smart phone users can download Viber from Apple. The girls talked for an hour and it cost nothing. This is definitely something I must investigate. Isn’t technology marvellous?

Both girls have university degrees in Sport and Social Science and I wondered what sort of work the Australian girl was doing ... would you believe she’s back working in a bar? I come from the old school where people with degrees had plenty of opportunities but it’s not so these days. Seems to me that qualifications are a waste of time; what’s the point of studying hard to get one when there are no jobs available?

Apparently both of them were advised to take on voluntary work, but that is no good when they need money to survive and repay the student loan. There is so much store set on going to university these days. Whereas at one time youngsters left school and got a job, now it is the practice to move on to university. Thankfully apprenticeships are becoming more popular. A much better idea in today’s climate ... work experience as well as earning a wage is far less worrying for our young people.

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One of the young foxes has taken to sleeping at the bottom of the garden, Last time he was there for at least a couple of hours while a woodpigeon got on with eating his food. Wildlife is so interesting!

I recently downloaded the game Scribe on the iPad, a game which is certainly addictive. Beating my targets has almost become an obsession. You will see in the picture that I have been promoted to Legendary Wizard. Is that something to be proud of, I ask myself, well at least it made my friend jealous.

All week we’ve had attractive skies, thundery looking, yes, but nice to look at. 

That’s all the news for this week. It’s been fun recalling all the things I have done.


  1. ha was nice to peek in val, even if through the window treatment...smiles...i hear you on the upheaval remodels can feel so unbalanced...the chicken looks good.....that phone thing sounds cool as well...i need to look into it...and nature, is def interesting...

  2. You have certainly been a busy girl! The new curtains will be very nice. I don't have an iPad yet, but I'm threatening to get one! Have a great weekend, Val.

  3. Brian, unbalanced is the right word for me at times...smiles.

  4. Valerie, what a great catch-up post of your week. had a FULL week.

    This made me LAUGH so hard...

    "You can see why net curtains are essential. I’d hate to think people were peering at the body beautiful."


    I think the same thing in my apartment, that people are peering through my windows. However, being on the 21st floor, I don't know WHO would be able to peer in my windows, other than helicopter pilots - HA!

    Love your new curtains. VERY nice!

    I'm so looking forward to seeing your redecorating finale. Hope you post photos!

    Have a super weekend, dear lady!


  5. Hey Ron, 21st floor ... don't you feel dizzy up there? I bey the view is faaaabuuuulous.

  6. Loved this post ... You were certainly busy... my recap would have been just a few words..amounting to going to work and then returning to work.... still exhausted and I've been off since Friday am.....

    Haven't looked at scribe... mostly I play Bookworm....

  7. Well, haven't you just been a busy woman.

    I've found that purchasing what I want is really conducive to getting what I want. *laughing* Oh, look lights for the livingroom!

    WORKS!! ;-)

  8. New curtains! how lovely. Can't wait to see what you choose. I really liked your older cotton nets. Sorry they've worn out but everything does eventually I suppose.
    I still need to get curtains for the bathroom we recently remodelled. I can't decide what to put there yet. Thought I'd have a look in America for something Japanesy but haven't seen anything quite right yet. May end up with some voile.
    Smothered chicken sounds delicious.
    When Larry and I started talking on Skype there were about 12 million people online at the same time as us. Now it's up to 38 million. Sometimes it's brilliant and other times it's not so an alternative is good to know about - just in case.
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

  9. Oooh Star, those WERE the new curtains. Heehee glad you liked my choice.

  10. You are a busy girl!! The curtains are very nice. You're inspiring me to do some new window treatments here :) The body beautiful quote made me smile!

  11. By the way, I would like Scribe too!

  12. And it was such fun reading your whole weeks deeds..the curtains look wonderful..


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